Monday, August 20, 2012

Girlfriend's 50th B-Day Getaway - June 2012

Erin (from Davis, CA) and Pam (Santa Barbara, CA)

Pam surprised me in the Grove Hotel - I was expecting Erin!

Miss Mallen (Pam)

Visit to the Capital, in Boise

Downtown Boise

Hot Circus Girls - Outside our Hotel

Shrine Parade (their Circus) Downtown Boise

Breakfast in Boise - some funky little diner

The three of us!  Dining at El Matador (cocktails)


Snacks at some other place

My silly faced cocktail - a Green Bloody Mary

The three of us!  At a Bar

OK Better focus that time! 

Me and Miss E!

Dessert. At the fork?

Breakfast at Goldies

Goldies!  The Best breakfast place in Boise (and best Tats on waiters)

My BFF's!

Eggs Benedict - Erin's

At the Capital

Two tall girls

Being goofy

Me, being goofy!

The three of us.  I am the short squat one

Tres Amigos

We have same shot from about 20 years ago!  At the beach, in Santa Barbara

The Bar we were at

Tasty food place

My girlfriends surprised me with a weekend in Boise.  This was for my 50th.  Erin and I had been planning it for months, the surprise was having Pam come along!  I have NOT seen her since my wedding.  That was 17 plus years ago.  Wow!

Both of those girls look great.  Tall and gorgeous.  Love them.

We ate, walked, ate, walked, drank, walked.

It was fun!
Pam and I got to spend about 4 hours together before Erin arrived.  Stinker.  She had texted me saying her plane was getting in at noon, this was after the day before telling me she had a night flight!  I had to change my plans to get there earlier! Which, included stopping at the tire shop to find out I had about $350 in work to be done.  I took my chances and drove, then got the car fixed on Tuesday.

These girls? Erin I have known since about 6th grade.  I actually dated her brother when I was a Freshman (for 9 years)!  She and I have been close forever.
Pam I met in college at Chico State.  She and I were roomies, then she moved to the Wine Country (biologist who worked for a winery) and lived with Erin during those days.

Love them!
Just catchnig up on photos and posts.....


Karen said...

Boo on the tire work. Yay for just about everything else!!! What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday! Happy Happy, Andi! :>

Heather Landry said...

It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful trip! How amazing to be able to get together with friends you haven't seen in forever!!!

Thank you so much for playing along with the Scraptastic Club blog hop! I really appreciate your stop on my blog.