Saturday, September 29, 2012

Around Here....

I stayed in bed for 3 days recuperating - read, sleep, repeat.

I enjoyed chocolate cake post surgery

Did not enjoy fasting and having a liquid diet before surgery

A friend took care of me and brought me flowers

She even hung up the curtains in my daughter's room

I had a sweet belated birthday party on Sunday night - still smiling from that
The kids got a dirt bike, sans helmet.  Such is ranch life

I thanked God for the little things and for strength to deal with the big things

This week Ali Edwards had a 52 lifts prompt on her blog.  What a week to solicit 'what is happening around here' eh?  A LOT happened.  Kid stuff, lawyer stuff, doctor stuff.  Heavy on the doctor stuff.  Three procedures, (happened on Tuesday) and of all three, the only 'visual' evidence is that I now have a scar on my left breast.  I did take a picture. But, I am not sharing it. It hurt for the first few days.  It is jagged.  I guess it is hard to cut a straight line on a blob that wiggles around.  Even a 36B blob! Perhaps down the road I can have it turned into something pretty.. I envision an 'x marks the spot' type of thing.  Like hidden treasure.
Kids:  Jake is now playing football.  Well, practicing.  Hasn't had a game yet (he is late to the party, with any luck we will make it to the end of the season unscathed).  I would share a photo, but I can't find where I loaded them!  Sami got to play on the varsity soccer team today instead of JV. Big stuff.
Home: I love fall.  The light.  The leaves. The Harvest.  We live in a beautiful area.  Busted a squirrel burying his stash in my yard yesterday.  Stinker.  And tonight is the Harvest Moon.  Yippee!
People: Felt a lot of love this week.  An unexpected 'let's celebrate your birthday' party thrown by a gentleman friend who had no idea of what I was up against this week.  Sweet treats left by another good friend, and who texted me daily during my ordeal (drugged up texts are funny to reread later). My sisters, who have my back.  And, an angel that took me back and forth and stayed with me while I slept off the drugs.  And, again, my kids.  All I wanted was to have them near me.  Just to hear them.
Noting a Milestone: It's been a year.  This weekend.  A year I have been 'on my own'.

Feeling Peaceful: I am loving where I am.  Who I am.  And those that are in my life right now. 


*karendianne. said...

A lot to celebrate and a lot to be proud of. Underneath it all, Life is Good and God is Great. Also, love is where it's at. Lots of friend, family and self love! ...and little cousin love, too!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

I agree with Karen, Life is Good and God is Great! Praying all goes well with your recovery, Andi!