Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweaty Mess and The Humble Teachings of Defeat (HS Soccer)

Sami (in purple) had to 'stay on' this girl

Then there was this other girl and Sami ran up to deal with her too

She was a sweaty mess

As in REAL sweaty, on a Hot, Summer Saturday, game at 2pm

Her coach, giving her some tips (Sami is one of 2 or 3 top players on her team)

This tells a lot.  She was ready for it to be OVER at halftime.

More tips

Yep.  The coach's girl

Sami has entered the world of High School Soccer.  A world apart from our lovely 'Y' soccer that she has played since 1st grade.

She is a bit upset that she did not make the Varsity Team with her BFF.  Nope.  She is on JV.  However, she is one of the star players.  And boy, does she work hard, having to make up for those that don't know the game.

Saturday was rough on our girls.  They played a kick-ass soccer team that danced around them.  Our girls were beat.  AND we only have 9 girls, with no extras to sub.  And all freshmen!  Horror.  Heck, our Varsity team only has 1 senior and a smattering of other grades - and heavy on freshmen.  The other team kept putting in 'fresh' players every 15 minutes, and about 5 or 6 at a time.  They killed them.  Ditto for the Varsity team as well.  STOMPED

But, it was a good teachable moment - about what another team looks like and does when it truly works together. 

Last night the coach had a party for all the girls.  I am glad.  I think she did the right thing in just celebrating them for their hard work and effort. 

Love that coach.

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*karendianne. said...

Oh gosh, very cool. What a proud mama and a great experience for her. So super cool, Andi.