Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby Cakes - Card

Card for Troy (click to enlarge) (Paper Smooches stamps, Basic Grey papers)

I got asked to make a baby card for a 'coworker' at the place that I spend the majority of my life at, aka, work!

So - I finally just got it done.  Not like I had time anyway.. I had a busy weekend! With lots of fun tossed in!
 Below is a chronical of the events.. don't feel obligated to read it.  This is for me, for those days when I say 'I don't do a darn thing'.

Friday night, after working all day, I didn't get home until 9pm. Jake had two basketball games (started at 5pm - they won both!) , and Sami had practice after the boys were done.  She was done at 8:30 pm. Then, I had to take her to feed her baby goat at the ranch.  We finally got home at 9pm. Another mom had texted me earlier in the day and invited me to go out!  So I did!  I was dead tired at 9pm, but did not want to be a party-pooper like the kids always call me, so I asked the kids if I could go out for a couple hours.  Their opinion matters to me.  They were tired from their day/night and watching shows and they sent me on my merry way.  I am so happy I went!  I always decline the 'lets go out scene' and just find myself being the working and driving kids everywhere mom with no life.  I did not get home until 11:45 pm.. Karaoke was involved.  I sang at the table while others got up.  It was a GREAT group of people!  Ten of us! A very nice group!

Saturday:  Two more basketball games, that started at 10am, but I had to get Jake to the school by 9:15am. He was late - because of all of us wanting to sleep in!  After the games, I took Sami to the ranch, again, to feed her baby goat.  One of her girlfriends came along because Sami decided they were going to go see that new vampire movie.. and it's not like they can walk to the theater, which is 10 miles from my house. I was the driver.

Jake and I saw Skyfall (LOVE!) while the girls saw that darn vampire movie. 

After the movies I took the kids out for pizza.

Then, 'dropped off' the girlfriend (near North Powder - 25 miles from the movie theater) which was a 25 minute drive and took the kids to the ranch.  Their dad was on his way home.

Saturday night I got home at 8:30 pm.  I crawled into bed and read 2 pages from The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

So, today, was my lazy Sunday.  I took my sweet a** time getting things done around the house.  But when I look back on the day, it seems pretty darn busy!!!  This is how the day went: 
  • Picked up all the branches that were littering the yard from last night's windstorm.  An older cowboy walked by the house - he was feeding horses.  Said our hellos.  What a great way to start the day!  But I was dressed silly - in my running tights.  Ha Ha.  Nothing like having tight tights on to scare away the men folk.
  • I reset the Christmas lights timer so the lights aren't on as long in the am
  • washed bedding, rotated my top mattress
  • got more sticky stuff off the floors from when the cat got stuck in the spider traps - I keep finding sticky stuff
  • did my recycling - took 3 big plastic trash bags full and get this.. I still wearing my running tights, a funky hat, and absolutely no makeup - and wouldn't you know it - another handsome older cowboy decided to pull up - horse trailer and all, he was actually wearing spurs when he got out of the truck, and  he did his recycling too!  I was mortified. I caught him checking me out (probably laughing to himself)  but, he made my day.  I love handsome cowboys. 
  •  After that, I went to explore the area for a run.. I drove up a hill by the dump and hiked/ran up coyote peak.  It was about 30 degrees.  Darn cold! After all, there was ice on the car.  Later I got to thinking, that if for some reason I were to fall off that damn hill, the only thing people would have found in my car would have been a Western Horseman magazine that the cowboy gave me.  With his name and address on it!  Tee hee.  No purse, no id, no phone.  I wasn't very smart, now was I?
  • Came home, made a big fat breakfast of potatoes and eggs and re-fried beans
  • took a nap after my big fat breakfast
  • woke, cleaned the refrigerator out of food I have not eaten, did dishes, put some honey on the stove to de-crystallize
  • Then, made the card
Ta da!  That was my lazy Sunday!  Seriously.  I did take my time doing all those things.  

Have a great rest of the weekend!
I'm going to be dreaming about older cowboys.. I tell ya.  I love living where I do!


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Linda Beeson said...

What an adorable little card!