Monday, November 12, 2012

Thoughts: Life Around Here. November 12, 2012

Today I have the day off for Veteran's Day.  I truly am appreciative of those that gave their lives for our freedom.  We are very lucky and blessed to be in America. 

It's Mid November, and we have a winter storm advisory.  Which means snow.  It would be a GREAT day to stay home and craft all day (yes, I have the day off!), but I have to take Jake to the dentist due to an 'accident' that he had on Friday while playing with three other rambunctious ranch kids his age.  The accident involved air soft guns, and basically an 'OK Corral' type of shootout.  Two kids were up on top of a hay stack, while Jake was running around on the ground to hide, and, I'm not sure where the 4th was. This is the story I have weaseled out of them so far (they are all on the basketball team and we had a nice little 'wth' chit chat Saturday before the game - I hadn't seen Jake since Thurs. morning (and I know I dropped him off at school well fed, warm and in once piece - this all happened on his Dad's watch).  Why these kids would aim at each other is beyond me. Jake said Gus wasn't aiming at him.  Sure he wasn't.  Dorks.  A future 'this is how I lost my front permanent tooth story' will be told, no doubt.

Sami has a baby goat named Oliver.  He came to spend the night Friday night (being bottle fed) and did very well!  I live in town, so this was quite the episode to get the goat from the ranch, along with a box setup, and drive it here in my Ford Explorer.  Reverse trip the next day.  No drama with Sami.  Her main goal right now is getting braces on her teeth.  Truly.

I now have a cat.  Rosie.  She came from the ranch, too.  One of our oldest kitties.  She's now in retirement from chasing mice and living in fear from coyotes/dogs/skunks/foxes/mean younger cats and unruly puppies (aka Sami's puppy Carly).  She is now an inside cat. And, doing quite well - except for the 'sticky trap' she got into and the $165 vet bill to clean her up - yeah, sticky yucky mess. 

As much as I am trying to stay focused on the things I am thankful for (I decorated in and out for Thanksgiving), I can't help myself from jumping forward to Winter and Christmas!  I love Christmas! 

Here's the list:
  • Yesterday, while the weather was still nice (34 degrees instead of 18) I got the outdoor Christmas Lights setup on the timer, and replaced two strands.  Right now, at 7:30 am the lights are on.  I appear to have some timing issues. I wanted to get this done when the wind wasn't blowing or snow up to my knees!  My neighbors probably think I am nuts.  (Oh!  the lights went off at 7:35 am!  Cool!)
  • Not related to Christmas but to winter: I also winterized the outdoor faucet and the stupid vents that go under the house.  I say stupid because whomever installed them just used a cheap flat metal plate that doesn't close and is not recessed to install insulation or a cover.  There are a total of 5 of these heat suckers and three are around my bedroom, which is the coldest freakin' room in the house (frigid, and not because of me).  I don't let my bare feet hit the ground - they would be icicles.  So I covered the vents with plastic and taped them down - onto the concrete that surrounds them.  Gorilla duct tape and concrete does not look very sturdy - regardless of what the label says! Probably won't last.  Need a plan B. A way to block them.  Looks like I'll be going to the hardware store today.
  • I picked my 'Christmas in a Box' theme for this year!  Yippee!!!!  This means I can start collecting goodies that match the theme.  (Box that get's sent to close relatives)
  • I need to get my calendar made for 2013 - another gift for close relatives. Snapfish is my friend!
  • I need to get our Christmas Card photo done.  And then order them and send them off, with a short '2012' letter.  My secret goal is to address cards Thanksgiving Weekend and get them in the mail on Nov. 26th.  
  • I really want about 4 craft days to get it all done.  Alone. 
  • I keep 'fake' shopping on line - filling carts and never actually purchasing items.
  • Tree?  A real one.  Ususally the day after Thanksgiving.  But, if the weather and my 'head' cooperate, I will be traveling over the river and through the ice/snow/yucky weather to California for my Grandma's 100th birthday party.
Thanks for reading my epic thoughts!
Time to call the Dentist.

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Arlene said...

What a busy, busy schedule and my hat's off to you.

Hugs and sounds like you're farther than I am on decorating. I do have my lights and ornaments down for decorating my little tree.

Hugs, Arlene