Saturday, July 13, 2013

California Road Trip - 2013 - Photo Heavy!

Road Tripping - The scenery was lovely!  Day 1

Whole lotta goofiness goes on on a road trip - we have a million of these

Cocktail at the end of a 12 hour drive on Day 1 - Destination:  Davis, CA.  That is Matt

My BFF of 30 years - Erin and her daughter Shannon and us, Davis Farmers Market, Saturday

Back on the Road, Saturday am to Sonoma.  Sami took a photo of her camera taking a video - like the McGiver setup?  Me too!

We logged One-Thousand-Seven Hundred-Twenty Miles (1,720)  on our whirlwind 5 day trip to CA and back.

Three states were traversed:  Oregon, Idaho (No - You Da Ho! - inside joke for sista Paula), and California.

Sonoma CA - Love the views!  SO Californian

I love MapQuest!  And Teen Nagivators

Me and my babes Sami (15) and Jake (14) at St. Leo's Catholic Church, Sonoma, CA

Sami and Auntie Avis (one of my younger sisters)

Me and my sista Avis.  We are 18 months apart. 

A photo of my dad's family - he is the one straight in the back, with the big smile

My Uncle Tim Walsh, reading a poem he wrote about his Mother, Avis Walsh, whose funeral we were at

Kids and Auntie Avis, hotel pool in Santa Rosa, CA

Sassy Sami in her new bikini, hotel room

Kids and Auntie Avis outside a great Mexican Restaurant near our hotel


The Mariachis - boy, were we lucky!  They rocked!  Another band came in and they had a mashup

Uncle Tim, his daughter Nicole, Me, Avis and Aunt Andi - Tim's Wife.  They all live in Colorado.

We went for my Grandma Avis' funeral.  She was 101 when she died.  She was well loved by her family and her church.  The father who gave the service was Father Joe Joe. A young whipper snapper who has been with the parish only 2 years.   He did a wonderful job sharing his stories about her.  The parish ladies kept telling him to visit Avis, and he was surprised at her alertness, intelligence, and beauty.  She wanted to dance with him, when he visited her while she was dying.  She smiled all the time.  And he knew, she was a special spirit that God has with him now.

On Sunday we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge

My copilot was very busy

And I drove, again

But we made it to Santa Cruz!!!!!!

Jake was on a mission... Digging...

This is Brian K.  Another BFF of 30 years! 

Me!  I love the sun..The sand was toasty warm.. bottom of your foot jumpin' hot warm

Those are my two.. and those are Pelicans!

Did I mention I love the sun?

My gorgeous daughter - she is a CA girl!


Jake.. digging some more!

Sami burying Jake - at his request

That's all that was left!

View of the ocean from our lunch spot on the pier

Chalkboard Car - grab chalk and leave a message! 

Sami's Message

Jake's message

And the Giant Dipper... Oh my neck hurt for 2 days!
(more to come in another post)........

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