Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DD # 17 - Tuesday

Trying to capture the morning full moon

The five fingered icicyle outside my 'office' window

Morning Moon

Catching the moon set

frosty tree limbs
Today is the full moon.  What a sight this morning and last night and tonight!  I love seeing it over snow and over the mountains and lighting up the sky on an evening drive.....

It's Tuesday.  Kids have basketball practice, as usual... I made dinner between 'pick ups'.  Tonight we had lamb chops, a wild rice blend and some green thing cooked in butter and garlic.  Oh yeah, brussell sprouts!  For the life of me I could not remember the name!

I don't cook  like that every night.  Maybe once or twice a week.  When I am by myself?  Oh, chips, or some other fast thing...  Bad girl.

Today at lunch was our Christmas Program at Rotary. We hired a caterer, had the La Grande High School Choir sing beautiful Christmas songs (Ava Maria, and others of that caliber), and  it was decorated, etc. What a beautiful luncheon.  I love Christmas!!!!!!!!!

When the kids came home tonight they both discovered mini trees in their rooms and they were both surprised.  It's just part of my decor. Little fake trees.  They each get one in their room so they have their own trees.. Been doing this for years.  They love them.  And they saw the decorated tree.

This morning?  Texts from Sami that we forgot to shop for the secret Santa gifts for school on Thursday.  We, eh?  Does she have a mouse in her pocket?

Yeah, so I went shopping in between the Christmas program and a doc appt. Lucky me.  TWO doctors appointments this week!  Just usual maintenance, no worries..

And.... planning something fun for Thursday night. Santa is going to meet me for dinner. Oh I am one lucky girl!


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