Saturday, December 7, 2013

DD #7: Saturday... Crisp and Cold!

Brrr!  We woke to snow on the ground and low temps.  It's currently zero degrees at 9pm and the temp will drop a whole lot more tonight.

High lights of this gorgeous sunny crisp cold windy day? 

Jake:  We hung out in a grocery store to get his sports physical for basketball.  He couldn't play yesterday in the first game of the year because 'we' did not have this done.  Yes, we.  Coparenting.  Oh.. we had a 'height' contest to see who was taller.  The doc let us play.  I am 5' 5" 1/2 according to a computerized ruler.  YES!  Jake?  5'5".   I am so happy with the results because the last three times i was measured I came out at 5' 3". 

And...some shopping. New ski/winter coat and gloves for Jake.


Caught the Baker Christmas Parade, followed by the tree lighting and then mass at the Catholic Church.  I guess it's been a while that I went to a Catholic Mass.  When did they change the words on several of the responses?  Peace be with you - is now followed by 'and also with your spirit?'.  I'm sorry.. But I am hanging onto 'and also with you'.   I was in a snit.

Now?  Sami is cozy on the couch watching Glee's Christmas program, and I am defrosting my toes.

Here are some pics from the day!
Snow plow out in the front of my casa. Plowing Anthony Lakes Hwy
Fire Pits downtown Baker

Tree Lighting!  Baker City

Santa!!!!  Downtown Baker City.  Notice the slick road? 
The last of my snow globe collection.  Four of 12 survived.

Little snowmen on the kitchen window sill

Coffee and real whipped cream (from Thanksgiving)

Icicles hanging off the house

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