Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Musings. January 25th, 2015.

Sami finding a big valentine at the Grocery Store

Rosie assisting me with my OLW homework last Sunday
Jake:  Getting Ready to Ski - MLK Day

Sami - Learning to Snowboard on MLK

Me.  Snowshoeing after Skiing.  On MLK Day

View from the kitchen window. MLK morning

Addressing Thank You Cards (Christmas)

Sami - Last weekend's game

Lights before pulling the plug.  this morning.
Photos are just some of my faves from the past week or two. 

It's Sunday.
The kids have already left for the ranch. 

So far I have: cleaned the bathroom (including the tub and shower - which I hate), cooked and cleaned up after breakfast, drank a pot of coffee, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned the kitty box, pulled the plug on the Christmas lights, filled out Sami's basketball photo order, filled out a volunteer signup sheet for Jake's class (Feb 7 Nacho Feed during BB games), tossed in a load of laundry, uploaded my phone photos, and attempted some online shopping - but gave up.

It's only 9:00 am.

This is my life.  I wake early, and crash early.

And I am working on my word 'Be'. 

Being in the moment.
Being Still.
Being available to the kids.
Being true to myself. 

And since it is Sunday, I am going to take it nice and easy for the rest of the day, and enjoy my time alone in my craft room.

Have a great one!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015 and my New One Little Word. Be.

Wheel Line - Along Hwy 30, Between Haines and North Powder (Jan. 10)

Early Morning Drive - Jan. 10 2015

Today is January 10th, 2015.

Where Am I?

In my little house, in a rural town of 300, in Eastern Oregon, and still in my jammies.  I love Saturdays like this.

However, I have already driven up and down the two lane road, in my jammies, on black ice to take Kid #1 to get to the school to teach a basketball camp for little kids.  Eight miles away.  We were late (teen daughter does not like to move in the mornings).  We left at 7:55ish, and the camp started at 8 am. So I was going 70 mph.

I know it's black ice, because I 'tested' my new studded tires when I braked at a stop sign, and slid, but happily stayed in my lane, and didn't go over the line too far. I'm calling this a 'win'.

And, it's a foggy day, and 28 degrees. January is our inversion month.  Warm and sunny up at Anthony Ski Resort - 17 miles up the road, cold and nasty and icy in the hood. 

Which brings us to Kid #2. He is recuperating from a ski accident from yesterday (first day on his new ski's, he broke one ski brake while coming down Starbottle Run and going too darn fast).  I'm a little miffed because this was Day #1 of 8 days of our local ski program.  Hope he can continue.  His knee is not feeling good. But he isn't screaming in pain, or crying, and he looks fine.  So I am considering this another win.  No broken bones - and he can walk and talk.Well, limp.  He limps.

 I have chosen my OLW for 2015.  It's Be.

To Be still, Be me, Beleive, look for the Beauty in all things, and to Let it Be.
And yes, I am taking Ali's One Little Word Class.

And Today's Line Up:
Interestingly, I thought today was going to be a nice lazy day. Turns out.. I'll be running!  But, in the spirit of my new word, I am letting it all just Be! 

  1. Kid#1 has a 1pm game. Varsity Girls.  She then has to work concessions all day. Followed by movie night with her posse at her boyfriend's casa.
  2.  Kid #2:  Finished taking down all the garland and bows off my white picket fence.  Sniff.  So long Christmas.  And he is laying low.  Injuries and computer time.
  3. Helping a friend with a display board for her daughter who is on our local rodeo's  court - judging happens on Jan. 31st.  Thank Goodness for A roomful of scrap crap and my Cameo silhouette!
  4. Dinner in town tonight with one of my favorite coworkers/friend and his wife - Barley Brown's!  Best place in Baker, in my opinion.
Ta da!
Photos above are from this morning's drive.