Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015 and my New One Little Word. Be.

Wheel Line - Along Hwy 30, Between Haines and North Powder (Jan. 10)

Early Morning Drive - Jan. 10 2015

Today is January 10th, 2015.

Where Am I?

In my little house, in a rural town of 300, in Eastern Oregon, and still in my jammies.  I love Saturdays like this.

However, I have already driven up and down the two lane road, in my jammies, on black ice to take Kid #1 to get to the school to teach a basketball camp for little kids.  Eight miles away.  We were late (teen daughter does not like to move in the mornings).  We left at 7:55ish, and the camp started at 8 am. So I was going 70 mph.

I know it's black ice, because I 'tested' my new studded tires when I braked at a stop sign, and slid, but happily stayed in my lane, and didn't go over the line too far. I'm calling this a 'win'.

And, it's a foggy day, and 28 degrees. January is our inversion month.  Warm and sunny up at Anthony Ski Resort - 17 miles up the road, cold and nasty and icy in the hood. 

Which brings us to Kid #2. He is recuperating from a ski accident from yesterday (first day on his new ski's, he broke one ski brake while coming down Starbottle Run and going too darn fast).  I'm a little miffed because this was Day #1 of 8 days of our local ski program.  Hope he can continue.  His knee is not feeling good. But he isn't screaming in pain, or crying, and he looks fine.  So I am considering this another win.  No broken bones - and he can walk and talk.Well, limp.  He limps.

 I have chosen my OLW for 2015.  It's Be.

To Be still, Be me, Beleive, look for the Beauty in all things, and to Let it Be.
And yes, I am taking Ali's One Little Word Class.

And Today's Line Up:
Interestingly, I thought today was going to be a nice lazy day. Turns out.. I'll be running!  But, in the spirit of my new word, I am letting it all just Be! 

  1. Kid#1 has a 1pm game. Varsity Girls.  She then has to work concessions all day. Followed by movie night with her posse at her boyfriend's casa.
  2.  Kid #2:  Finished taking down all the garland and bows off my white picket fence.  Sniff.  So long Christmas.  And he is laying low.  Injuries and computer time.
  3. Helping a friend with a display board for her daughter who is on our local rodeo's  court - judging happens on Jan. 31st.  Thank Goodness for A roomful of scrap crap and my Cameo silhouette!
  4. Dinner in town tonight with one of my favorite coworkers/friend and his wife - Barley Brown's!  Best place in Baker, in my opinion.
Ta da!
Photos above are from this morning's drive.

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