Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Lovely Easter... and God's Not Dead

Hot Cross Buns - From Kneads Bakery

Easter Lily - From my Guy

My Commute Home.  Sigh. I love falling into the sky

Good Friday - The doors were locked

Preparing our Dinner - Menu was Leg of Lamb, Scallop Potatoes, Caesar Salad

Easter morning Treats for the Kids (who are teens)

Easter Breakfast
I love Easter.
A large part of my life has been about 'do-overs' and second chances.
The Resurrection sings to me. 
On Friday at noon I picked up goodies from Kneads Bakery in La Grande, then went to the local Catholic Church to have a moment of silence.  The door was locked.  So much for having my private moment. So, I had it in my car.
 For Easter I made dinner Saturday night because the kids are with their dad on Sundays.  They leave at about 7am.
Sunday I had the option of skiing with friends - last day up at the Mountain, or having a day with myself.
I chose the latter.
After doing a few chores - fixing the weather stripping on the front door, vacuuming, and getting cat hair off of the furniture, I realized I could still make Mass if I hustled.
So, I hustled.
I even showered and wore a dress.
 Mass was beautiful. Our church in Baker is beautiful.
I was in heaven.  Close to heaven.  And I loved it.
The weather was a rain/snow mix so I was glad I made the choice to not ski.
And, when I got home, I had Easter Dinner, a glass of red wine, and watched God's Not Dead. Sami watched it the day before and she said it was good and that I should watch it.
It gives me hope that she may feel the call of God, afterall.
My kids don't attend church or pursue their faith.
I have told them it's their own spiritual journey, and that I hope they do make that choice.
I have told them, whenever they feel alone in this world, to pray to God.  And to know he is always there.  
I think they are getting closer.
And, thus.  God's Not Dead!
In his name.
Peace, my friends.

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