Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hello, Beautiful Summer - 2015

Sunday coffee, and view from my yard (south side of house). June 7th.

Coffee cup, green Adirondack chair and west side of yard. June 7th

One of those beautiful June nights. Monday, June 8th

Saturday Walk - June 13

Saturday Walk - June 13. There is a blue Heron way out there!

What a beautiful, sunny month this June has been (so far). I am a sunshine girl.  I love when the sun comes up early, and stays out late. I love the daily crawl toward the solstice with the days getting longer.
I like the light. And I love the heat (although it was a cold 35 degrees this morning).
June just takes my breath away. 
And summer nights?  Splendid.  Nothing beats sitting outside on a hot day.  Staring at the mountains as the sun goes down. Cooking dinner on the BBQ and eating out in the yard (kids and I earlier this week: potato salad, watermelon, chicken legs).
One day I stepped outside the office building during the lunch hour and I was slammed with the scent of a Missouri Summer.
It made me homesick for my Missouri life, and fireflies, and cicadas and my little sister. And the river bottom country with all the fields of corn and the big lush green trees.

I love summer. So glad it is here.  At last.

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