Monday, August 24, 2015

Andi's WITL - Wednesday, August 19

My Door and My Motto - About 5:45 am before my walk.

Morning Walk

Morning Walk - Side of the Haines Store

Taking Jake to the Ranch - Smoky. Well, he drove. So he was taking me to the ranch.

Dropping into the Grande Ronde Valley - My Commute

Rosie - One of her favorite spots

Evening Time - My bedside Retreat into Books  & My OTW Collage

Rosie at the foot of my bed, plotting something
Same ol' Same ol'.  Just cruzin' through the week. 

Sami has daily doubles (Soccer practice for the Baker HS).  Pisses me off that they are practicing in the smoke.  Clueless coaches.  She had to be in Baker for 7am practice so I took Jake to the ranch, well he drove. So I took photos.  And she is back to Baker at 5pm for another practice/scrimage.

 Work. I don't recall anything exciting.  Preparing for our big Strategic Planning session in October.  Herding cats once again. With 100 employees it will be interesting.  We are encouraging all employees to attend - full day Friday.  A lot of employees don't work on Friday.  And a few of us return on Saturday for 1/2 day. 
Now that I think about it, I have lots going on in October:
  • Drive Thru Flu Event
  • Trip to Bend - For Statewide Emergency Preparedness Conference - and my BFF is going to come hang with me (yippee!)
  • Scrappy Retreat - at end of Bend trip. So I will be gone Tuesday - Sunday with both trips combined.
  • Strategic Planning Session - 1.5 days.
  • Phil's big move from Wyoming to Oregon (2 miles down the road) on October 24th  (my man). Two of his girls are helping and hopefully they will stay for a week.  I would love for them to see our area, and meet my kids - of course, if my kids are up to it (all on their terms and their comfort zone).
Kids back in the evening.  Yes, I picked Jake up from the Ranch. Sami was only here for a short while after soccer practice and dinner. After dinner she went to visit her BFF who is leaving for Boise State, and then she had an FFA meeting at school.  She was back around 9ish. Maybe later. I was in bed.  Her commute is 10 miles from my house to Baker for the soccer stuff; girlfriend is 1 mile down the road, school is 8 miles from my house. Her cute little jeep is getting a workout.
Dinner was a stir-fry with the left over chicken, market zucchini, and wild rice. And our tomatoes/balsamic vinegar snack. Corn on the cob from the market as well.
Slumber:  As pictured above, I fall into slumber with a book.  It's my private retreat. 

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