Sunday, August 9, 2015

Help! My Daughter Wants to go to college in Hawaii

Sami with her new Jeep Wrangler

With her Gang.  She is third from the left

2nd from Right - Prom girls - they went w/o dates.

Sami's bedroom at my house

FFA Banquet Night - at the podium

Getting Ready to take the stage - as the MC for Graduation


With two of her besties - yes.  Guys.  The one on the left is going in the Army, the one on the right is going to Utah to study engineering. She has a gang of friends.  Lucky girl.

With her bestie of besties.  Who will be going to school in Boise, Idaho.

My oldest will be a senior this coming year. It will be a crazy, busy, beautiful and painful year.  Most of her friends were a year ahead of her.  This could be a challenge for her.

We have lots on our minds:  College for one.  How to pull this off.  I say we - because she is wanting to go to Hawaii and be a Marine Biologist.  I want her to follow her dreams.  Go for it.  Take that plunge.  No regrets.  YOLO.  I would love for her to be within driving distance.  Hawaii is $1,000 flight round trip.   Secretly?  I hope she goes to OSU, Corvallis.  It's only a six hour drive - or so.

And, I can't afford it.  But she is at the top of her game right now:  4.0 GPA, Natonal Honor Society, ASB President, officer in FFA, plays basketball and soccer.  This is the time for her to take advantage of all her hard work and use it as a springboard for scholarships and opening doors.

On the table: For her graduation gift we are a going to Spain over Spring Break - a school trip (she went to Greece in 2013)  so her trip will cost less than mine.  But I am not sure I can afford 'my' travel.  I came up with the idea to cancel Spain for both of us, and instead to go to Hawaii to check out the University, the program, and for her to get a flavor for life in Hawaii. 

She said she really want's to go to Spain.

Oh boy. 

Not sure what our next step will be.
This is one of the 'big things' on my mind.
There is another, but I am trying to keep that second to this.
Thanks for listening.
And if you have any advice, please, share.

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