Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Mini Me is Giving Me (More) Gray Hair.. Sunday Musings. October 18, 2015

First, let me say I love the above quote.  I am all about independence, and learning, and taking risks close to home when you have a safety net nearby.  After all, my daughter is now a Senior in High School, and soon she will be 'off' making decisions on her own. 

Holy Batman. 

Toss in the co-parenting arrangement and let me just say, sometimes we have our moments.  Like, last night for example.

Sami was out last night for Homecoming with a group of friends and they had a sleep over. Coed. Yes, I gave her permission.  'We are the good kids' was her reasoning.  So, like I shared before, I believe in my daughter and her decision making capacity - which is so much better than mine was at her age.

Anyway, I thought she would be home bright and early this morning, like most Sundays, to get ready to go to the ranch. Meaning, 6:30 am.  Keep in mind, I wake both kids on Sundays at 6 am so they can get out the door to go be ranch slaves.  If they are late, their father has a fit.  So, not an unreasonable expectation, right?

So, when she didn't show her smiling face before 6:30 am, I started getting worried.  I sent her multiple messages: text, voice and even via FB messaging. I even contacted her brother to see if she was at the ranch and I was not in the loop.  He said no.  I asked if his Dad had heard anything from her. He said he did not know.

Maybe I should have called Darth Vader (the ex).  But I didn't really want him to know I was out of the loop and exhibiting my Mother of the Year skills, once again.  Plus, I didn't want him to freak out, unless it was warranted.  One of those lose-lose scenarios. 

I finally heard from her close to 8:30 am.  Up until that point, I had visions of ax murderers, kidnappings, her vehicle in a ditch.  You know - the usual.

What is with the sloooooow response?

 Thank God I dye my hair - the gray is coming in faster and faster.

Here is a sampling of our texts:
Me:  Where you at?  6:59  am
Then me sending a voice message at 7:33 am
Me:  you need to come home now!  7:49 am
Sami:  Wait.  Why?  8:10 am (One hour and ten minutes later).
Sami:  Why are u freaking out?  8:11 am
Me:  Jesus Sam.  I need you to check in! Because I haven't heard from you and you usually go to the ranch at 6:30 am! You didn't say you would be out to till forever! What is your plan now that I know your are alive?
Sami:  ?Well I already told dad yesterday that I'd be home later this morning.
 (Hello, how about telling your mother? The one you made the plans with? The one responsible for your whereabouts until you get to the ranch?)
And out till forever?  Mom it's only 8:17, goodness. Everyone is waking up now, we will probably eat then head back.
Me:  Well no one told me!  I've been worried all morning. Sniff
Next time I want names and numbers.  I have no idea where you are.  Just Hunters house.

There were more texts.  Details about Hunter's family, meaning their last name (well known),  his big house, mom's great cooking, bla bla bla.  Hello!  I think this would have been useful information ahead of time, eh? 

Again.  Mother of the Year.

Lessons learned: 
Me?  Get more details on the plans.  Or, Do not let her ever ever do this again! ( Foot stomp)
Her?  Her mother is a psycho (I'm sure that is what she thinks!) Or, Communicate the plans better! Or, remember, your mother is a psycho and will start calling the National Guard if you don't show up!

In my defense, I did not call the National Guard.  But I do happen to know all the local cops, and now that I think of it, some National Guards men as well, and was very, very tempted. 

I can't wait until she has children of her own!  Wait.  Yes I can.  I can wait 10 more years.  Please Lord, let's wait 10 years for that experience, shall we?  No teen pregnancies, deal? 

Cheese wiz I sure worked myself up into a tizzy. 
Thanks for listening...