Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

The Jakester
At our favorite place to visit
An older couple really love to go all out! In the town of Haines.
It's the only city house that we visit.
And it totally rocks!!!

Another Shot
Same place, same kid
Cool Goul
They look good together, eh?
And that is a real black cat down in the left!

Part of The Loot
Candy sorting seems to be an important part of the experience!
The kids dump out their candy, sort it and compare notes.
Dum Dum anyone?
Last nights haul of the night: An Orange Popcorn Ball!
Totally safe - from a beloved neighbor.
We only visit neighbors.

The popcorn balls did not make it home:)
We ate them while driving from place to place.
The Rule: Only 2 candies that night, plus the ball.
I know. I'm mean.
But it was before dinner!
And one candy after dinner.
This explains why we still have candy left over from last year's trick or treating, too!


Last night was magical. It was wonderful. It was spooky and eerie!

It was one of the BEST trick-or-treats we have had.

What makes a great Trick-or-Treat experience, from this mom's perspective?

  • The moon was out and played through the clouds. Breathtaking! What a setting!
  • No wind
  • The temp was about 45. The WARMEST Halloween in our 10 years here...
  • We didn't leave until 6pm.. Dark! Normally we do this in the daylight. The darkness sure added a super duper 'fun' factor! Creeping up to the doors, not knowing what was lurking behind... Oh my!
  • My kid ran to the doors each time! So fun to be in the background and watch!!! Jake's cape flew while he ran.
  • I wore my Witches Hat (with the big buckle), and had my broom (no wise cracks!), and my cute Halloween Vest. My kids love it when I dress up:) So do the neighbors... One new neighbor said I am one of her favorite people! How sweet.. made my night!
  • And within 2 hours, we had 11 successful 'haunts' - meaning, places in our rural hood that were open for 'business' and had candy for trick or treaters.
  • Our last visit was right at our own front door! We do this to my husband every dang year and he always falls for it! I drive up, leave the lights on facing the house so he can't identify us, and the kids run up, ring the bell and trick him. Hilarious!
  • When we got home I made grilled cheese sandwiches, hot tomato soup, and a salad. Fast and fun... Although that big can of soup was condensed and I didn't add the milk! Dang my 47 year old eyes. This morning Jake was reading the can on the counter and said 'what does condensation' mean? What? OH! Condensed!!! Hmm... I said 'that explains why the soup was so darn thick'. He agreed.
Anyone else need their reading glasses when it comes to cooking? I didn't even bother to look! HA!

I hope your evening was fun as well and filled with the magic of happy kids, giddy with excitement, and blissful sugar highs...

Ours sure was!


noble pig said...

These pics are awesome!

Suzanne C said...

Loving the pics. Where were the sammi pics? Sounds like you had a grand time! I am still tired from all the treating we did yesterday. The kids are downstairs right now making candy castles to have candy war. (Throwing candy at each others castles)

Karen said...

The full moon was out and that added such a great effect to our trick or treating! Last year, my boy was disappointed that I wasn't dressing up, so I ran to Wally World and bought a large black witches hat that has bright hot pink hair streaming down from it. So, on my head it went this year as I took the kidlets trick or treating!

Loved all of your pics and your tales!! My son cannot have Halloween candy the last two years (allergies), but before that, I was like you and we only allowed two pieces of candy, after dinner, for a week or two before it all went away. Now, they exchange their candy for a new toy.....which they are both playing with right now!

It sounds like you had a magical night with your kidlets! Hope you are all having a nice Sunday. :>

Lauren said...

CUTE costumes and great rules... candy in moderation is awesome. Unlike the break room table today where everyone is dumping all the extra candy. Sigh. LOL

Elise said...

Oh, ANDI! What a terrific and SEASONAL share! I'm in love with your story telling and your wonderful and wacky family antics are such fun! Great shots of your boy! Ohh, to be along with your ride ~ what a gas! Thanks for sharing all of those great images and emotions: you just made my Halloween experience richer, by miles! Thanks, doll!

Diana said...

This looked like so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

Tami B. said...

It sounds like a wonderful Halloween all around. My kiddo worked a haunted house, so we went and screamed until I was hoarse. LOL!

an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

Andi: Love Jake's smiles!! And how that black cat showed up in the pics. Sounds like a wonderful Halloween. I love your list of what makes a great Halloween!

Last year was the first year I didn't go with J...the dads went. This year he went for a short spell with a few kids from school. We were busy getting ready for a party, otherwise I would have been heartbroken that this is his first year without us (read, me). But I'm glad he went.

Yikes! on the costumes. But I see as usual that you managed to pulled it all together.

Sweet Blessings said...

Hi there!

Sounds & looks like you had a great October 31st! You always make me smile when I read your posts! I hope your markets are all done too and you are doing the party dance! What, oh, what will I ever do with a free Friday & Saturday :D Shhhh...I'd better whisper before the Mr. figures something out! I miss getting to visit in person...but, I'm so happy you get to spend more time with your family...Have a GREAT Wednesday! Sweet blessings!

Kathy said...

Love that candy trail Andi....great pics of your festive yard and great snapshots!

glitzen said...

You sure made it sound like fun! And I laughed like crazy when I read about T or T ing at your own house. We did the same thing to my dad when we were kids! He never recognized us either. LOL.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup is my favo. YUM!!!!!!!

an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

Girl: You must be usual.
Haven't seen any new posts on either blogs since this post. At least I hope you're busy and not sick. U made me laugh with your post this morning on my "boom" post. Would have laughed harder except for Ft Hood...but I ALWAYS appreciate and love your thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Hope you get some time to craft this more markets on the weekends, right?...and some down girl time. Have a great one!
Hugs, K