Sunday, April 2, 2017

When They Drive You Crazy - Mom Confessions

My one and only son, Jake, will be graduating from High School on June 3, 2017.

We had a rough week.

He has a few things to get done for graduation, like ordering his cap and gown, which he has known for months, along with getting all the necessary documents submitted for college applications, and applying for scholarships.  Trust me.  I bug him daily.  I ask him questions.  I send him messages.  I am certain I am his worse nightmare right now.  And he is cranky! And I am cranky!

And, there are deadlines. Fast approaching deadlines.

Jake is not good at deadlines.  He procrastinates,and doesn't prepare ahead of time. For some reason, I think he believes 'what ever happens happens', yet, that isn't the way of the world. He is learning that he has to make things happen. 

So, we/he had a battle getting one of the scholarship applications submitted by April 1st, yesterday.  He almost gave up.  He thought all he needed was his essay - which was done on Thursday, and then he told me Friday night that he needed two letters of recommendation, which were in his locker. the school has been closed all week due to Spring Break.  He had thrown in the towel.

There was no way I was going to let him give up. Especially for what was so close and still within reach.  He had one day to get it all together. A scholarship that would help pay his tuition! 

I made him problem solve and find a solution to what he needed, during spring break, when all the teachers/etc. where also on vacation, and on a Friday night.  He had to make some calls, make an appointment to meet the superintendent on Saturday, ask for a favor, and get his documents loaded up and make that deadline.

He did it.  It was hard and painful and frustrating.  And, I think he was out of his element.

 But he did it.  And it will be easier next time, because he has to do this again, and again, and again. 

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