Saturday, October 21, 2017

This Week: We Lost a Close Family Member

 This was a rough week.  Our favorite kitty, who has been at my side since my divorce six years ago, left this earthly place on Tuesday, October 17. 

She was a huge part of our family. 

This kitty had so much personality. 

My top ten favorites:
  1. She would dart around the house when all three of us were home.  As if saying 'yeah, we are all here!'
  2. She loved to sleep with us.  She would take turns visiting snuggling.  She started on my bed, on her blanket.  When I got up then she would go visit Jake or Sami.  If she visited Jake, he let her under the covers.  
  3. When Sami took off for college I often found her sleeping on Sami's bed.  Then when Jake left last month, same thing.
  4. If I didn't get out of bed by 5am she would come up and pat me on my face, as if to say 'get up, you're late!'
  5. Her catnip was in a kitchen drawer.  Jake would open the drawer just a smidge and she would open it farther, crawl in and roll around.  
  6. She had her favorite tree, that she slept in.  
  7. She would walk out to the end of my 'sidewalk' and sit and stare at the mountains.  Just like me.
  8. When I came home, she was waiting, just on the other side of the door.  She knew our cars.  She would run to the door when she heard Jake's truck or Sami's jeep.  
  9. She loved to me on my lap, while I worked at my computer.
  10. She loved to snuggle on the couch.

So now, when I come home, I look for her when I crack open the door.  
When I crawl into bed, my feet go to her spot, to feel her weight.
When I wake during the night, I wait for her to come up to me, and sniff my face.
When I am on the couch, I look for her to run in to the living room and snuggle with me.
I look at where her food used to be.
I look at where her kitty box used to be.
I look for her.


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