Thursday, August 9, 2007

Too Much Excitement for One Morning!

Well! This morning Sami and I got the bright idea to 'free' a bird that was trapped in the wood stove.. It was chattering up a storm and we felt sorry for it. Sami was afraid it was one of the cute little birds spotted yesterday - a yellow bodied cutie pie who was getting scolded by a chickadee (or finch, some other cutie we haven't seen all summer!)...

So, about 6:30 am, before I finished my first cup of coffee, we set off on our mission.. Windows were blinded, room doors were shut, we opened the back door... and then I opened the wood stove door... Poof! Out flew FOUR starlings! UG! I do not care for starlings...they are a nuisance. They hog the birdseed I put out for the little birds, they dive bomb the cats, they hang out by the chicken house and help themselves to food, and they nest in the wood stove.

Two flew out the back door right away.. The other two decided to fly back and forth up above us - from window to window, onto the ceiling fan, on the rocks behind the wood stove (20 foot ceiling, not fun), and in and out of the kitchen (GROSS!).. we also had the assistance of 3 cats - all various stages of life who were very eager to offer their professional bird catching skills..
They are finally 'out'. I caught the last one in the kitchen. I let it go - I need the good Karma. Hopefully they won't be back! Otherwise the cats can take over.


Dawn said...

Ahhhh, I would have freaked out. I hate birds I hate things that fly. I would have been the first one under the couch screaming... Glad those buggers are out of there.

Wife2TJ said...

wow sounds like quite the morning. lol! Glad you got them all out. Hopefully they will stay out