Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

It's Halloween! Here's our little candy station!

So, I made some cute little treat bags

Closer look at the goody bags!

Supplies: POD frame stamp, SU sentiment & cat stamp, Heidi Grace cutouts; SU bags and papers; and Stazon ink.

We get about 5 trick or treaters at our house, if we are lucky. So, I made special little bags for the little guys that actually make it here. The candy bowl also has loose candy, just in case we get more kids than expected... but, most likely my husband will take care of that supply! He has eaten most of the mini snicker bars already... I bought them too early... oh well!

Tonight is our big adventure! The kids and I, that is. We are going to leave about 5 pm to drive over to a historic hotel in Union, Oregon. The hotel is having a haunted house 'Dead Men Tell No Tale's, and a trick or treat on the entire 2nd floor of the hotel! I can't wait! The hotel has a Victorian decor inside and I can't to see it! And, yes, I will be wearing a costume, too! So, first we will trick or treat, and if the kids are up to the haunted house, we will check it out...

Dinner is cooking in the Crockpot so we can dine and dash! My Old Crockpot. Not the new psycho Crockpot. I'm experimenting with the eye of the round roast... Now THAT is Scary! I'll share my recipe if it works out..

Happy Haunting!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Favorite Portals and Doors

See the Arches in the Back?

Saying Over the doorway - Today Decides Tomorrow

Sue, over at The Wandering Star Blog posted some beautiful shots of portals and doorways on her blog and she had a challenge to share your favorites... Although I missed the challenge, these are my favorites, from our wedding 12 years ago! We had our photos taken on the California State University Campus, in Chico, where I went to school.. Our wedding was in Chico, and our reception was downtown in a ballroom up a flight of a bazillion stairs!

So, instead of pulling the photos out of my wedding album and scanning them, I cheated and just shot the photos hanging in our hallway...

Be sure to visit Sues blog and search for her portal post... Awesome photos!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dos Goats - Lucy and Betty

A close up of Lucy

Lucy and Betty - Not Very Happy with Having to Bunk with the Sheep!

Our little rancher in training, Sami, bought her own goats over the summer... Lucy & Betty. So, during the summer the goats were tied up in the yard, and she checked their water, and gave them special grain snacks... She moved them about the yard to give them different grazing opportunities.

Well, Sami & Dick came to the agreement that it was time for the goats to hang out with the sheep and learn how to graze with the big girls..after all, Sami is back in school, and the grass is getting sparse! Lucy and Betty are not liking this idea... As you can see, they want back in into the cozy confines of my yard... and yes, I do say MY YARD!

These stinkers have been escaping almost every night to get into the yard. The first night I heard tell tale clop clop clop sounds on the deck while I was sleeping.. Dick thought he would 'fix them' and put an electric wire across the gate that they are sneaking through (the fence is already hot wired).... But these girls are pretty darn smart. Their trick has been to walk up to the corner by the highway, squeeze under a panel over a ditch (which the sheep never do!); walk on the highway, get to our driveway, make a right turn, then sneak into the yard.. we have a cattle guard at the end of the driveway, but goats being what they are, have found another way to get in! We even had a call about the goats on the highway.

This morning one goat stood up on the back deck and bonked her head on the window while looking into the goldfish tank sitting on the window sill - more of Sami's critters.. I'm guessing she saw green and thought 'snacks'! Yesterday Betty smacked her head into the sliding door to my bedroom...
My beautiful marigolds are now stubs. My geraniums are no longer. My mothers' day present, a yellow rose bush is sticks...I am not happy.

I am not loving the goats right now... even though they run up to me wanting snacks, because I was their babysitter when Sami went back to school... they are misbehaving.

They are cute, but they are messing with MY YARD...

Sami and Dick are supposed to fix the fence... this talk has been going on since Friday. And, as you all know, when it comes to getting things done around here (Honey Do's that is), it takes a while... sigh...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Christmas Project - 50th Wedding Anniversary Album

View of 'The Inside' of a Project I am Working On!

The 6x6 Album Cover

First Page

A Sneak Peak at One of the Inside Pages

Another Sneak Peak at An Inside Page!

I'm working on a few of my Christmas Projects as time permits. There are only 8 weeks and 4 days until Christmas Eve... And, this is 'the time' to crank out the projects my crafty friends!

This project is a Western themed 50th Anniversary Album for my in laws. The Sexton family got together in late June for a beautiful tribute - Western style of course, for Hank (remember my Good Ol' Boys?) and Georgia's 50th. Wow. Can you imagine? I mean, really. Imagine being married to the same person for 1/2 a century! Amazing! A lot happens in 50 years! For one, your kids are nearly 50 (as well as their spouses!).

I am so excited about this little book... finally, a unique project that is special for my husband's family. I love doing these projects... definitely gets me into the Christmas Spirit - making someone's day, documenting why they are special in the lives of others, and perhaps giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Al Around the World! RAK I Won from World Card Making Day!

Talk About Attention To Details! Cute Packaging, Eh?

Here He Is!!! It's Al, Around the World!

I feel so darn lucky... I entered one of my SOF cards (the one with the puppies and my use of the Stamp Positioner - the puppy turned into a snowflake or wreath - remember?).. at the World Card Making Day Challenge (for Stamp Positioner work) at the Just Johanna Stamps Site!!

And I won! The above stamp is a limited edition stamp.. Isn't it awesome? I think it is so special in regard to our recent discussion about Blog Action Day, and things we can do to act locally and think globally to make our bodies, our environment and our children's future a safer, cleaner and healthier place.....

Thanks Just Johanna! By the way, if you love stamps, you have to go check out Johanna's website... the stamps are so darn cute - lots of cats, birds, trees, flowers, flourishes, ghosts!

Peace, baby!

Like My Tomatoes???

They Are Getting Ripe!

Remember these babies from 2 weeks ago? Almost ready!!! Nothing like a garden tomato (in late October!) with balsamic vinegar and mozzarella cheese! Yummers!

Boys Will Be Boys!!

Yes, This is my Son!!! How about Those Ears?

Sigh... My sister Paula is probably running to the bathroom to save herself from wetting her pants right now... You see, Paula has been keeping a 'Stupid Book' of all the things I have said over the years about what my perfect children would and would not do, in their future lives... The majority of these things were said before I had children... You know the type.. Those obnoxious people who know all about parenting but have never had kids... The ones who say 'my children will never be babysat by the TV or watch cartoons before the age of 5', or 'my kids will never wear scary horrid things or dragons or rude sayings on their shirts'. Get the picture? I, was/am on of those obnoxious people.. And to top it off, it was usually said in response to something I observed about my Godson/nephew, Andrew (now, choke, almost 16!)...who is Paula's only perfect child...... OK, one last thing - I eat crow quite a lot!

So, as you can see, my perfect son, who is 8, is sharing with all of you part of his costume for this year. Jake is so into the scary and gory stuff. He is one of those kids who makes shooting noises and likes swords, dragons, and things of that nature...He even has a little book of 'spells' he has made up..And, he plays a game called 'Fate'. He was shooting things long before he ever watched TV.. I promise! (I will say my kids only watched the public TV station and yes, were plopped in front of the tube before the age of 5 to watch Sesame Street, Barney, Tele Tubbies, and a few other cute friends... )

Anyway, back to the blood and guts attraction of small men ... I swear these things are in their 'male' DNA! UG! They must be born with it!

Wait till you see the rest of his costume! Sami and I, on the other hand, will be wearing Mother/Daughter costumes of the Pirate princess variety!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Are You Ready for Another Digi Layout?

Beautiful - Samantha, Sacramento River, Chico CA

Can you believe it? Look! Another digital layout!! So, I 'got to' learn how to convert a color photo to black and white by using the level & saturation options...aka, knobs to turn up the lightness or make the shadows darker, etc... Fun stuff!

I also am learning how to 'flatten' jpeg files and save them to different pixel dimensions so they don't take up so much space when they are uploaded to the web (like a blog) or emailed... Man, do they fly faster now! Who knew? Certainly not me!!

Gee, this is fun stuff!

OK, back to 'life outside my computer'! We had a whopper of a storm today... snow, etc. All day long! The snow did not stick, turned to rain, but, that means ice tomorrow.. Yuck.

I bought the kids and I our Halloween costumes! Tee hee! Yep! Bought.. and Yep! I have a costume, too! This year, if the weather is clear, we are going to drive over to a historic hotel about an hour away that is putting on a haunted house, trick or treat, and all the bells and whistles... This will be our first Halloween Haunted House! I hope we are ready for this... the kids and me, that is.. I do not like scary things... but, the kids are getting big, and I am so tired of trick or treating downtown in the freezing cold! The hotel at least will be indoors...the entire 2nd floor is devoted to trick or treating, and it's historic, which means it lends itself to all sorts of 'great' Halloween decor!

On the Slow Cooker Movement: Dick cooked tonight! Slow cooked on the stove 'Dick's Beans'. Now, keep in mind he is a cowboy.. not your typical beans.. his beans must have meat.. This was a chuck roast with beans stew type of dinner... and cowboy biscuits! Yum... A big hit..

I'm going to waddle off to bed! It's very cozy in our house right now.. even though it is about 30 degrees outside (at 9pm!)...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Soccer Coaches - DigiScrap Style!

A tribute to Jake's Soccer Coaches

So, soccer has come and gone! THAT was a fast six weeks! This was the first year I had Sami & Jake on separate teams... so Jake could be 'the big boy' for once... Man, talk about logistics! For you 'active' mom's out there that have more than 2 kids with separate activities... my hat is off to you!!!

So, the layout above is my first Digital Scrapbook Page... Uh Huh.. That's right... Digital! I am taking an online class from THE DigiQueen Jessica Sprague herself! How about that??? It is so darn cool! We are in the first week and have 3 more to go... I am so darn excited! I use Photoshop Elements 3 - and have had it for a few years now but could not figure 'stuff' out on my own.. other than quick photo fixes and organizing and printing my photos. So, I bit the bullet... and well, look!!!

Now for all my paper and ink girly & boy friends - don't fret!!! This is just another one of my tools! I am so excited and I will probably be one of those 'hybrid' scrappers... Manipulate w/ computer, and ink, embellies, and dimensions...

Oh.. and yes, I did see the typo in the journaling on the digipage... I'll have to 'deal' with that later!

I might need a new computer though! Oh, Santa Baby!!!!

Slow Cooker Week!

Apples before the picking - the leaves are now all yellow and falling

Well, the apples are all picked, the leaves are almost gone from my favorite poplar tree, rain and snow are in the forecast, and I am thinking about the upcoming winter.. It was 30 degrees this morning!
So... I'm on a mission...
I've been making 'slow' meals since Sunday... There is actually a 'slow foods' movement (google slow food) which I think originated in Italy. They even have a 'journal' publication. Anyway, the 'movement' is about taking time from your super crazy task oriented life on the fly, and actually sitting down at the dining room table with your family, eating a meal that was actually cooked, by you, with real foods... The benefit: wholesome and nutritious foods and the benefit of bringing your family or friends together for real conversations and consequently, 'quality time' together.. therefore, quality food and quality time.

My 'slow meals' have consisted of slow cooking our dinners each day since Sunday, with the hope of having a super tasty main dish all ready by the time dinner time rolls around... My usual tendency is to wait until 5pm, sometimes 6pm and then try to whip dinner together.. it's not fun trying to cook when you are already tired from your day.. by that time it is a chore and not something enjoyed...

Here's the outcome so far with my personal slow movement:
1.. Sunday was a chuck arm roast, slow cooked on the stovetop. FLOP! The burner I used has a mind of it's own, which I forgot about. We had a tough time chewing that meal! Very slow!
2. Monday was Lamb Shanks slow cooked in my almost 1 year old very fancy 'Breville' crock pot... Yumm! This dinner was a hit! I lucked out on this one.. Yet, the 'fancy pants' crock pot is driving me crazy... It is boiling food even in the 'warm' setting.. it doesn't seem to have a temperature control.
3. Tuesday was Beef Stew. Again slow cooked on the fancy crock pot... Not good... Too 'spicy hot'. Our lips were burning... I used a can of Yellow El Pato... instead of the Green...
4. Today is Hamburger Soup... again, slow cooking in the fancy crock of *#$@.

We will see how the Hamburger Soup goes... It's a little experiment I am conducting with my family members as my victims (drives my husband crazy!). The recipe is actually a 1 hour stove top one, which we tried before and it was a hit... But I am 'slow cooking' and want to stick to my week long goal!

Happy Cooking to you!
Anyone have a good source for a digital temperature control crock pot?

Monday, October 15, 2007

We Have Not Inherited the Earth....

from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children... - Native American saying..

My friends... Today is Blog Action Day. A day to speak out in favor of your environment, yes, 'your' environment, not 'the' environment....

A day to reflect on the little steps you are taking to make global change. Little steps are all that are needed, as in, 'Act locally, think globally'.

So, here are some ideas if you are in a funk:
  • Food: Reduce your use of pre-packaged stuff... buy in bulk - and bag it yourself!
  • Food: Buy closer to the source - direct from market, direct from farmer/rancher - this saves fuel since the food travels less, and the food tastes better! Hey, you might even make a new friend!
  • Food: Buy natural or organic. Less fossil fuels, no pesticides/herbicides, no antibiotics, no steroids or added hormones - and hey! It's good for your health too!
  • Food: bring your own shopping bags to the grocery store... recycle, recycle, recycle!
  • Food: (it's my thing, can you tell?) Cook, eat out less, and skip a few of those drive-thru desires (yes, this includes that double-mocha-java-whatchamagizmit!)...
  • Speaking of Coffee: Buy good coffee beans, a grinder, some 1/2 and 1/2 and make your own at home! Love your home and your space - no need to 'go out for a cup o' Joe'
  • Skip the lawn fertilizers and chemicals... Yes, it can be done. We are proof! So you have some dandelions - those are beautiful flowers to your kids! And the latest is dandelions might have some sort of cancer fighting benefits! How about that???
  • Save fuel: Make fewer trips to the grocery store... Keep a list of items you need as they run out, and then go shopping! Keep the basics well supplied - eggs, bacon, butter, milk, coffee, flour, potatoes, onions, lettuce. Things you use in everyday meals.
  • Speaking of Butter: Get the real stuff! Again, the less processing, the better for you! I have never been a margarine or fake butter or fake egg girl... It's my belief that real food means less foreign pathogens in your body, and less cancer stuff...
Enjoy this beautiful plant we call earth. I hope you live in a place where you can take a deep breath of fresh air, and that the water you drink is clean. These are the basics of our survival, and the little steps that we can take to keep them clean for our children's future, is paramount.

Need any good books? Here are some suggestions:
The Omnivores Dilemma, by Michael Pollan
Animal, Vegetable, miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver

Have a beautiful day...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tomato Harvest - Eastern Oregon Style!

The Big Harvest.. Green Tomatoes..

Take a 2nd look! Notice anything 'funny'?

So, last Sunday, during 'break time' from SOF, the kids and I went out in the yard to clean up the garden and harvest as many tomatoes as we could.. Keep in mind, we've had about 5 frost days, so I could only get the ones that were not damaged.... This is so typical of Eastern Oregon! Just as soon as the tomatoes start to turn red, we get a frost... usually the first weekend of September... Our growing season is very short!

Oh.. notice anything 'funny' hanging over the window valences? Hmm??? That would be my sheets and pillow cases. No, not trying to conserve resources..or share my 'bedroom linens'. MY STINKING DRYER DIED! Why on earth it has to die during cold weather is beyond me...hello... How about summer, when it's warm and a nice breeze blows through? Eh? Well, that's not entirely true.. Since we live on a ranch, flies sit on the clothes and leave fly presents.. I actually tried doing the laundry line thing before, heard sunshine is a great whitener, and your clothes smell so much better when line dried... Murphy's Law again... The dryer is just over a year old... typical appliances of the 21st century! Or, is it 22nd?

So, it is now Friday... 6 days later... Dryer is still broken. I did have a service dude come out on Tuesday... Need a new heating element. I bought the dryer from Sears. A funky little store in Baker City.. Which is being sold - the store, that is. The Sears service dudes would not get here until today, even though I called on Monday...and, they can only be reached through a painfully horrid voice activated 1-800 number.. ACK! The Sears service dudes have to come from Walla Walla in Washington (3 hrs away!)... I live in Oregon. For crying out loud! Mr. Independent service guy has been here before... for other stuff... Parts are ordered.. most likely on the slow boat...and arriving Monday or Tuesday of next week, if I am lucky...

So, I have two lines strung across the living room, the woodstove is going, and little people laundry is drying... I'm just doing the kid's clothes for now. Did you know, that clothes that dry on a line are very wrinkly and stiff? Poor soccer shirts! I'm Holding Out. I am not into wrinkly or stiff clothes...... I'll bet that is how fabric softener got invented! For the clothesline people! Who knew?

The kids love the laundry line setup... They run through it... toss a ball over it... the joys of youth! They are so darn cute.. Wish I was getting a kick out of it as well.... It could always be worse.. The washer would be on the fritz as well, and I could be hand washing clothes, like a real woman of the wild west! ... Nah, I actually do have my limits! ... I'd be purchasing some new appliances and calling it good!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

World Card Making Day - Some of my Goodies

Embossing & Metallic Rubons Challenge

Fall Leaves Challenge

Three in One: Un-Christmas &
Repurpose a Stamp &
the Just Johanna Stamp Positioner Challenges
The puppy is one stamp.. I used a stamp positioner to create a snowflake or wreath with him! I won the Just Johanna challenge and am getting a limited edition 'flying Al around the world' stamp! Yippee!!

Vintage Halloween Challenge

Bright Challenge
Ok, not so bright, but the challenge was to use flowers...

So on Saturday (after the soccer games) Sami & I participated in the Stamptoberfest Kickoff at 2peas - which was also World Card Making Day... Here are some of my creations above. The challenges are continuing all the way through October 13th! Dust off those stamps and come play!

Oooh Baby Baby, Bu Bu Bu Baby!

Baby Shower Invite

I have the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for my wonderful friend, Rebecca, who lives in Tempe, AZ! This is the cover of the invitations that I am 'cranking out'! ... The inside text is in a pink font- since her baby to be, Isabella Maria, is a little girl! I am so excited for her! It is sure to be a Princess celebration! (hint hint!)... Rebecca is one of those gals who is a 'modern' or 'trendy' mommy to be.. I am sure she looks exactly like this Bella image! It is so her!!!! When she, Lisa and I used to pal around in our career days with the USDA NRCS (OK they still are on the career track) we all had titles of distinction... Rebecca's was 'Princess'.. Ya know, I forget mine! Needless to say, we had lots of fun adventures... I am so looking forward to this baby shower!

Supplies: Prego Bella; Stamping Up sentiment stamp; rubons for 'Oh Baby', Basic Grey Perhaps patterned paper; Stamping Up Organdy ribbon, and stamping up markers.

Feeling Better! Finally!!

My Drink of Choice!

Today is the first day in about 2 weeks that I feel 'back in the game'! Our household was hit with the sore throat/cold/yucky tummy stuff... And boy did it take a while to 'kick it'! I am finally back to my 'wake up at the ridiculous hour of 4am' because my mind is so darn busy making lists! Woo Hoo! I know, sounds crazy, but that's me... Got lots to post! I'll be back - baby...

Friday, October 5, 2007

SOF Challenge RAKS! See What You can Win!

RAK for SOF Christmas Packaging Challenge
A set of 8 Inkadinkado Christmas Song stamps!

RAK for SOF Thanksgiving Table Decor Challenge
Three Inkadinkadoo Thanksgiving/Fall/Harvest stamps!

RAK for SOF Halloween Costume Embellishment Challenge
One Inkadinkado Halloween stamp & a set of Heidi Grace cardstock punchouts for your Halloween projects!

OK crafters... To be eligible for any of the above RAKS you must submit an entry on the appropriate thread over at the 2peas Stamping Board... The SOF threads will be up either late tonight or early tomorrow morning...

Entries must adhere to the challenge 'rule's, and be posted by Oct. 13th, midnight, Pacific Time...
Hope to see you play!

SOF Halloween Costume Embellishment Challenge!

Sample Project: A wand

Another View of Sample Project

Alrighty! Here is the third challenge that I am hosting for SOF! Details are as follows:

Halloween Costume Embellishment Challenge: Are you ready? Create a Halloween Costume embellishment that YOU can wear! Stamps must be incorporated into your project! Things that qualify: Hats, Masks, jewelry, shirts, gloves, brooms, etc. Please post in the 2ps stamping gallery with “SOF Halloween Costume Embellishment’ in the title to qualify for a Halloween related RAK. Entries can start being posted on October 6th, and close on October 13th, midnight PACIFIC time! I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday, October 14th.

Supplies Used for my sample:
Stamps: Big star by Purple Onion Designs; small star from Stampin' Up; Ranger Seafoam White embossing powder; Stampin' Up organdy ribbon - 2 sizes; dowel from my crafty stash...

This wand would enhance any 'Good Witch' costume! Know any????
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha my pretty!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

ARG! A Sore Throat!

Well, been fighting some nasty a** crud for a few days... started with a swollen lymph node under my right ear, and pain under my ear and headaches since Monday....ouchy momma.

So, this morning the swelling has gone down.. and the pain.. But, alas, what is this?


Dang those kid germs! Jake was sick while I was gone...hmmm... The Source! And, the 'parents' are now feeling his pain... I'm sure it all started a week ago when I helped in the kid's classroom.. all those munchkins were coughing in my face at reading time.. GADS.

The good news is, I'll probably stay home this Saturday (well, still have soccer mom duty) instead of getting up at 3:15 am to go to the Boise market.... got lots to keep me occupied other than standing in the cold for 5 hours and driving for 5! (uh, SOF or World Card Making Day anyone?).....

Yep... that sore throat is getting worse by the minute.


Oh yeah...

SOF Thanksgiving Table Challenge - Sample

Sample: Placemat & Napkin

Closer view of the napkin

First, sorry about the horrid photos, and my refusal to break out the iron, but hopefully you get the idea! As said in the previous post, I am hosting 4 challenges for SOF (link on left sidebar) starting Oct. 6 and ending Oct. 13. This is my sample that will be posted when I create the challenge thread over at 2peas... If for some reason the 2peas board is being 'wonky' you can come here to read the challenge rules.. BUT to be eligible for the RAK you must post your work over at the 2peas stamping gallery and follow the guidelines...
I sure hope you play!

Here are the rules for this challenge:

Thanksgiving Table Challenge: Create a ‘D├ęcor for the Thanksgiving Table’ project that incorporates stamps. Projects that qualify include: table toppers, place mats, placards, napkin rings, etc. Sorry, cards are not allowed!! Please post in the 2ps stamping gallery with ‘SOF Thanksgiving Table’ in the title to qualify for a Thanksgiving related RAK. Entries can start being posted on October 6th, and close on October 13th, midnight PACIFIC time! I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday, October 14th.

Supplies Used for my sample: Cotton napkin & place mat pulled out of 'my stash'! Stamps: SU Country Blessings (so glad I got this last year!); and Stazon solvent Inks in Timber Brown & Olive Green (hmm, need a nice harvest color!).

A photo of the RAK will be posted with the official SOF thread either tomorrow evening or Sat. morning!

SOF Christmas Packaging - Sample Project Entry

Altered Maya Road Secret Box

A Side View.

Alrighty crafty friends! I am hosting 4 challenges for SOF.. (details on sidebar, at top). I will be posting the challenges here as well as at the Mother Ship 2Peas Site, just in case the 'Motha' decides to crash on us, you can come here for the 'how to's' but must post your projects on the 2Peas Stamping Gallery (when up and running)...

Anyway, here are the rules:

Christmas Packaging Challenge: Create a Christmas packaging project that incorporates stamps. Things that qualify are items you would either enclose a present in (i.e., box, bag, etc.) or put on a wrapped present (i.e. tag, ornament). Sorry, cards are not allowed! Please post in the 2ps stamping gallery with ‘SOF Christmas Packaging” in the title to qualify for a Christmas related RAK. Entries can start being posted on October 6th, and close on October 13th, midnight PACIFIC time! I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday, October 14th.

Supplies used for my sample: Maya Road Secret Box; SU stamps; SU Purely Pomegranate ink, CS and ribbon; White detailed embossing powder; SU oval punch (fits just right! Imagine!)...

Note: If you use these boxes keep in mind that the front frosted panel does not like heat!

Note: I have three samples to post, and I will post the RAKS (what you can win!) late Friday or Saturday...

Hope to See you Playing!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sneak Peaks - Gift Projects & Recap of Trip

Sneak Peak #1 - CM Embellished Card
To be mailed to a special woman... She doesn't use a computer, but I'm not taking any chances with her family! HA!

Sneak Peak #2: CM Paper Book, embellished.
I like creating pockets for hidden journaling or special little photos. This project is full of them! This special gift MUST go out today! That's all I am going to say...

Sneak Peak #3: Another CM Paper Book,
embellished again with fun pockets!

Another gift book that needs to get in this weeks mail...

The above projects are from my weekend retreat... I took a list of what I needed to get done and just got busy! Here's the list:

In laws 50th Wedding Anniversary Album - done! OK, might need a few little touches..
Halloween Cards - done
Alter Morning Pages Journal - done
Three gifts for three women - done
Scrapbook 2007 Vacation Trips (fishing, camping) - done!

I did a few other fun things... Got two cute mini albums for the kidlets and am putting together little 'What I love About you' books... Almost Done! Jake saw his, and he put in some of his Yugio Cards... and then he slept with it under his pillow last night. I guess he loves those cards!!

I'll share more photos of the projects as the week progresses...

Halloween Cards

Six cards I made while at my retreat - the first 2 are sideways -
due to an uneven cut they don't 'stand'.

Here is a closer view of a few:

This one is a 'card' that opens up with 6 panels

I love this card! It has 'broom' and 'broomstick' on the front...
On the inside I will probably have a snarky comment about 'got yours?'...
Need to think about which of my fave witches I will send this baby to!

Kitty Card! Another Fave...

Are you working on your projects? Better get snappin'!

Crafty Friends! Are You Ready for Stamptoberfest????

Alright... Then the drum rolls begin... This Saturday will begin the Stamptoberfest activities at the 2Peas Stamping Board. Be sure to check it out... Here are some details I borrowed (aka, lifted) from our Queen, Sandy's, blog:

World Cardmaking Day is October 6th, and Stamptoberfest (SOF) starts on October 6th and lasts to the Stamptoberfest Finale on October 13th. What are these, you ask? And what's a girl (or guy) to do while waiting for the festivities to begin?

First off, World Cardmaking Day (WCD) was started last year by a manufacturer (I don't remember who . . . or maybe it was a magazine?). I didn't know about it til this summer when the message board stampers on Two Peas began talking about our own event—Worldwide Stamping Weekend—in June. We put WSW together ourselves and it rocked! We decided to do another event in October, a mini WSW, and rather than collide with WCD, we're starting our challenges that day and continuing to create all week—and celebrating with a finale party on the 13th and award all the RAKs! Stamptoberfest (affectionately dubbed SOF) is entirely crafter-driven, no guidance or support from manufacturer. . . just a way for stampers to share their excitement about their medium and create, create, create! So join us and play along at Stamptoberfest!

PS. I will be hosting 4 challenges and will share them on this blog on Friday, October 5th!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Autumn Greetings - Happy Fall Y'all!

The kids and I by the Poplar Tree

Front porch color

Poplar Leaves!

The Poplar In All Her Glory

Hmm...The view of the Mountains! Winter is at our Back! Or, is that Front???

Hello everyone! Well, I am 'blowing off' Sami's soccer practice and just hanging out at home. Feeling cozy and homey and just not up for 'running around' crazy. It was a group decision. Sami decided she wanted to help her daddy at the shop, and as you can see, a storm is coming in.... and, why yes, that is fresh snow in the Mountains! Sigh...
I was so grateful when I got home from my trip that the Poplar Tree still had it's fall coat on. As I drove off on Thursday, I glanced at it and thought 'I sure hope I get a chance to take some fall photos before the leaves are gone!'. Well, I was at a campground 1 hour from here and it snowed all day Friday (did not stick, thank goodness!), then it rained yesterday, and when I got home it was blowing hard, and it rained in the evening! Yet the leaves are still on the tree! Yahoo!! I have a great view of this tree from my computer desk up here at the 2nd floor loft... straight out the window at my height I get to watch the branches sway in the wind, and the colors blazing... I love it! I watch the seasons change from up here... the view is breathtaking and inspires me when I write.. When I am not inspired I just stare out the window and get lost in the view....
Soon Winter will be here.. I am holding onto Fall's outstretched hand as long as she will let me!