Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thankful For The First Snow!

Snow Topped Bench near our backyard fire pit

Can you spot the bird feeder?

A pumpkin with a snow hat - out by the highway

Snow covered pumpkins and mum carcasses (the goats ate them!)

The View from Indoors

As I said in my previous post, I am thankful for snow! The first snowfall is always a gift. Just so clean, fresh and welcome.

I am also thankful that I cleaned up the yard on Sunday & Monday... I put away the hoses and other 'stuff' such as our soccer field boundary markers (buckets, garden tools). I am missing a pair of little boy sneakers, though. I found them soaking wet from Saturday's rainy day (first question, why were they outside boyless and not on Jake's feet? Always a mystery), I had them turned upside down to drain, not far from the house and out of the snow's path. I suspect a young dog -as in Lefty, snagged them and has them stashed in his cozy doggy straw house. I'll have to wait for the snow to melt to find them!

The kids went to school in their snow pants and snow boots (along with the rest of their clothes!). No doubt recesses will be an adventure...

I also made cookies yesterday for my little family (chocolate, raisin & oatmeal). I can tell I am getting into my winter nesting zone! I loved it when my kids got off the bus, came in and were so excited to see the first batch of cookies cooling! I am thankful that they always say 'mommies cookies are the best!' with big happy faces. Such a great feeling... We all slept good last night with a hearty dinner that Dick made (hamhocks & beans) topped off with cookies.

Well, off to town to shop for the Thanksgiving feasts! Yep. Feasts. Thursday is with friends, and Friday is a special little supper I am working on for us. I'm going to whip up some special dishes that we normally don't eat with our friends... some surprises for my family... Dick loves Brussel sprouts, so something for him; the kids love mac & cheese, so something for them... I'm going to call it a 'thankful for favorite dishes' dinner...

fa la la la la!


Dawn said...

Yeahhhhhh snow...wooo hoo. Let it snow let it snow let it snow....I love it. ohhhh, i wish I had snow..

Sandy said...

Oh the weather outside is frightful, NOT! I love it!! I love it!! I want snooowwwwwww!!!! Keep sending pics, I'll live vicariously through you! :)

Kerilou said...

My mom was "that mom". She stayed at home for us, we lived on a dairy farm, and she did daycare. She MANY days has some goodies waiting for us when we got home. She still make THE best chocolate chip cookies EVAH! Your kids are so lucky...funny how you can be across the country and our lives are so similar...there's not a better way to live! Happy Thanksgiving to your family from ours! Keri

*karendianne. said...

Andi, the bird feeder photo needs to go in a card or something, okay? That's spectacular.

I love your "thankful" dishes concept, too.

Thankful for the source of your inspiration love, *karendianne.

Anonymous said...

There's always something exciting going on at your house. You are the heart of it all! At my house, I just finished preparing the turkey stock for tomorrow's gravy -- this year I'll get it right.
Waiting for Paul to drive in from Bellingham, WA with Shui the cat. Debra will be home for long weekend from school, all the rest of the boys and grandkids will be here tomorrow. John swimming at club right now, but he'll be busy tomorrow..... Love, Happy T-day, Aunt Alice, kiss the kids for us.

Sue McGettigan said...

Happy Thanksgiving Andi! That snow looks so gorgeous, I'm a total warm weather gal, but I do love the LOOK of snow :) Dinner sounds good Andi, what a fun theme!

LOL about the missing shoes, a mystery!

Rein said...

Ooh, wonderful snow pictures!

liannallama said...

oh, it's so pretty where you are! Seeing these pics (almost) makes me wish it snowed here!