Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Recap - Part 2

Our Santa Hats...

The story about these is at the bottom of the post... I hit a 'backspace' and deleted the photo earlier! ACK!
An MP3 Player for Me??? Thanks Auntie Paula!

This girl 'fainted' on the couch when she opened this baby up... Both Jake & Sami got MP3 players... which is a good thing.. instead of 1... Jake was really vocal about 'what??? you got what???? Until he opened his... That was a close call! Dick spent most of the day helping the kidlets load music....such a good Daddy! Check out Sami's cool cowboy boot slippers!
Homemade nog sitting on the itty bitty table!

Some of my favorite things... This will be next year's spot for a nativity... I so need to get one!

I collect Boyd's Bears.. Thanks to my little sis Paula! See the little white one? That was in this year's stocking! Fa la la la la. Mrs. Claus tucked it in for me... she knows how to treat a gal. Oh! That's me! Tee hee!

Our Nutcracker that came directly from Germany - thanks Auntie Patti!

Dick's sister gave us this gift last year. She went to Germany and had a great trip, she sent a post card from the Cinderella Castle! The best part about Christmas is opening all the decor boxes and seeing your old friends again! The kids spent the first 2 days playing with all the nutcrackers... itty bitty ones and the big ones... Notice the snow in the background? Fresh powder, baby...

Our Advent Calendar... After Christmas Sami reset it for the countdown to her birthday

See, only 6 more days when this photo was taken! Now we are down to 5! Gee, I took this shot yesterday? Seems like so long ago! I spent yesterday 'cleaning' up... Putting away the indoor decor, taking down the tree, dragging the tree through the snow to the yard waste pile in the back 40... and vacuuming the needles... joy..

More of my Favorite Things....
Our Santa Hats, (which is now the first photo - was the last until I did some fancy editing!) which we wear when it's music time at night.... I have to say, Dick has been an awesome music teacher! Each night at 5pm the kids get music lessons from their dad. They both have a list of songs to practice on the guitar and keyboard! While I am fixing dinner I get to hear my little angels and their daddy... It is one of my favorite things.... The basket has all my Christmas related books... So fun to go through these each year...


*karendianne. said...

Hwo fun for the kids!!! Love the photos and Sami with her cool slippers.

Way to sneak in the snow, too.

Happy to hear the music is one of your favorite things. What a special tradition.

Lots of favorite things to love, *karendianne.

Dawn said...

woo hoo. looks like ya'll had a great day!!