Monday, December 31, 2007

Highlights from Christmas

Making the Gingerbread House

That Would Be a California Gingerbread House - Build on Landfill....

Notice the toothpick holding the structure... The builders did not follow building code,

they put on the roof goodies before the walls were sealed.. and thus, major shifting!

Christmas Eve Fondue Party... Cheese needed a bit more heat!

But the boys loved playing with it (and no, that is not my son's wine!)

Christmas Morning... Stocking Dump and Santa's Gifts!

The first step is opening stockings, and seeing what Santa left... Then a few presents get opened , then we wait for Dick to get back from feeding all the critters...

Dick's favorite Gift...


*karendianne. said...

Total California Gingerbread House. How GREAT! giggling. Jake's expression wit the cheese is hilarious.

"Stocking Dump" ~ right on!

Dick's favorite book ~ ? Gosh and I thought we'd be fast friends for sure. ;P

Where's your giftage?

Dawn said...

these pics are sooo fun. What is that book Dick, has?? love the house..

Sandy said...

So much fun, it's almost like being there! (Tsuki says hi right now, she's been ATTACKING the screen the whole time I'm catching up on your I just love the 'shifting' house, I've never made one to code yet!