Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gone To The Dogs... Meet Hunter, Flash & Poncho

Puppies? Where are you??? Oh ! There you are! Come on over here!
I went looking for these three and found them in the back field exploring.

Meeting the other dogs in the hood. Nose to nose. They stuck to me like glue.
As in, right at my feet, attached to me. Just in case those other dogs were mean.

Here we go! Three 'generations' of McNab dogs..
OK. I'm not going to explain in too much detail the breeding program over here at Casa Sexton. I try to keep my City Chick opinions out of it. We have three female dogs, who are all related, and three dad sized dogs, who are also related. Let's just say, the little guy on the left, is actually the uncle to the guy in the middle (Patchie) and brother to the guy on the right (Lefty)!

Patchie was born in November, and the three little guys were born in January. They moved to outdoor digs just recently, and these photos are from their first day of 'getting to know the hood'.

So far they have managed to:
  1. Claim the Deck as their new digs. Instead of the nice area picked out my Sami, and setup with a kennel and dog bowls.They kicked the three cats out (it was the cat territory!).
  2. Bark at Lefty each time he comes slinking around the corner and curse him loudly. Lefty stole one of their tasty dog bones yesterday. He is now on their list of 'neighbors' to harass.
  3. Explore my flower bed. Gonna need some heavy equipment to keep them out (aka fence)
  4. And, they are adding to my 'spring cleaning' list... in various quantities.
So there you have it! It's 45 degrees, and slightly raining and snowing...


*karendianne. said...

How fun to wake to this!

Oh puppies, where are you? I can hear you calling. How totally fun and healthy healthy healthy for them to ahve all that field to explore with. Life is so much better at Casa Sexton for the Canines!

Lefty is just the coolest with his thiefing. And I absolutely dig that you have three generations there to relate with, watch, study and share life with.

Ultimate Dog Watching!

Dawn said...

Ahhhhh, to much cuteness. Ahhh, sooo cute.


Lauren said...

You may have your hands full, but they are SOOO CUTE!

Vintage Papers said...

they are so stinkin cute! :)

noble pig said...

Oh man you made my heart skip a beat! They are sooooooo cute. The three stooges!

Kerilou said...

Oh, Andi! They are just adorable! They look so cuddly! Kerilou

Sandy said...

So CUTE! I love your writing style, Andi, you make me smile! Are you sure you're not living in the deep south with dogs who are their uncle's brother's cousin's sons?