Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lovin' My Sunday! And Going Primitive!

Ahhh... still in my jammies...

Yesterday was the big community garage sale day in Haines, Oregon. Haines is the nearest town, 7 miles from Casa Sexton, aka Sexton Ranches. The town where my kids attend school, with a total school population of less than 80 K-6 kidlets. Can I tell you how much I love our little school house? Safe, nurturing, and sweet. That sums it up. Plus the fact that OUR kids have the best academic scores in the entire school district! Yep. Proud mama...

So, about two months ago, an old school bell was discovered on top of our historic school. One of the moms decided we needed to have a bake sale at the community garage sale, to raise money to get the bell off the roof, and have it properly displayed in front of the school. The big day arrived yesterday!

So, I was up at 4:30 am yesterday to make my goodies: Chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate cupcakes. You would think I would have completed my 'baking' on Friday. But, Friday was my day to load up all our garage sale goodies from our home. Why? Because another ranch mom (my wonderful partner in crime and BFF!) decided we needed to have our own garage sale in town as well.. Good thinking.. bring our stuff to town.. But heck! What a chore! That 'going through the house' finding stuff, organizing stuff, boxing stuff, and getting into your car stuff' is work! (Note: The left overs are still in my car!)

So, after my last minute organizing, I left here at 6:15 am.

Got to 'town'. We were in the park.

It was 18 degrees. Brr.. But, after last week's Boise market, I was so prepared for cold! Snow packs, once again.

Setup our area. Scraped frost/ice off the supplied tables.

At least we had sunshine! Yahoo!!!

Mr. Sexton and our darling daughter the face painter, brought their goodies about 10am. Oh, are you wondering about our darling son? Sick! Home with a stinking cold! Poor guy. Of course, the face painter abandoned her site to play with her friends, aka, the twins, which are my friends kids.

I sold lots of goodies... lots of scrapbook stuff that I have 'grown out of'. Along with the stray egg slicer, candles, books, etc.

Made $300! Just from my stuff. And it's burning a hole in my pocket.

On my shopping list: A new Janome sewing machine... my BFF is a quilter. She took me into our ever so gorgeous quilting shop in Baker City, OR. earlier this week (which I have been avoiding because I LOVE fabric!). Now, I am in love with two quilts! Both have a primitive look.. (I am toast - no doubt about it). One of the quilts has some funky roses, and the fabric is allowed to fray around the roses after it is washed. The other has crows in the corners, lots of vines around the border, and urns in the corners... and very itty bitty squares! This one will take me at least 10 years to finish!

The store also has lots of 'sew till you drop' nights. I'm saving those for the fall months!

Speaking of primitive designs, on my morning blog surfing, I saw a darling card! It was the icing on the cake that I have been wanting to 'eat' since Thanksgiving (in the form of Kim Hughes designs at Cornish Heritage Farms, and the primitives)...
Here, I'll share the card with you:

Super Cute Primitive CHF Card

After seeing that baby, I did some ranch related shopping ... You know, some sheep stuff, cooking stuff, and Fathers' Day related stuff...

Still have money for my new sewing machine!

But gonna need another sale to afford the fabrics!

Have a great Sunday...


noble pig said...

Well aren't you crafty, creative and BUSY! And resourceful! You did more in two days than I did all week. Holy Moses!

*karendianne. said...

I absolutely love reading "I'm toast" - makes me smile on the inside! Totally admire how you're making this happen with the machine and as for fabric - dig it!

With your creativity Andi, I can only imagine the things you will bring to life based on this description and it really does make my heart sing.

I get such a thrill out of your creative expression. I've said that before though.

Right on to you BFF for helping to make the Garage Sale happen - going the extra "mile."

Penny said...

Your school sounds wonderful! I used to love baking for school when J was little.....great sale too! I have just been looking at quilts on Sue's blog and I am so impressed with anyone who can sew because I am totally rubbish at it!!

Sorry to bore you with 'meat' but the free-range butchers was not impressive :( but we have a totally wonderful farmer's market 5 mins away once a month so that's where we are buying now!

Tami B. said...

It sounds like a great day of clearing out to make room for some new goodies. I adore those sweet little chicks down below. Best of luck to your egg selling kiddos. It sounds like a wonderful endeavor.

Kerilou said...

Sounds like a great time, if chocolate and berries and cupcakes are involved! you did very well!! kerilou