Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Signs of Spring

Mr. Deere - Last Summer, At his 'finest'!
(I'm driving this baby into the ground)

We had a gorgeous day yesterday.. It actually got above 70 degrees! At one point in the day it was 74. But, alas, today it is 43 degrees... and rainy, and the wood stove is going (again)...

Yet.. I do know spring is knocking at our door... Here at the signs:
  • The red winged blackbirds are hanging out in the yard, stealing the little bird's food that I put into the feeders
  • The magpies are here, stealing dog and/or cat food!
  • Flies. When the sun came out yesterday so did a bazillion flies! Killed about 6 fat ones today.
  • The robins are back!
  • The worm castings are here and there in the yard
  • The grass is growing!!!
  • The grass is turning green!
  • The days are getting longer and longer and longer!!!! (I love my morning light)
  • There will be about 20 MENFOLK here Thursday night for an irrigation ditch meeting (spare me - that means mud or manure on my carpet, and talkers who won't take the hint that it is time to leave after the meeting is adjourned! Oh, and why do I feel the need to clean my house for this motley bunch???)..
And, the grand 'Signs of Spring' finale....

Mr. Deere is working again! Yippee! I am so excited, really and truly. On Sunday, my sweet husband fixed Mr. Deere... He gave him a tune-up, sharpened the blades and finally fixed the whole electrical problem that had me charging (and cursing) the battery each night last summer!!

So, the next clear day, guess who is mowing the lawn! Yep.. Your's truly! I'm sure there will be stories to be told... Especially since there is no sun in sight in the 10 day forecast, which means the grass is going to grow, and grow, and grow...


Lisa Renéa said...

Mr. Deere is such a handsome mower! I love to mow! My Craftsman's nickname is Jarno after Jarno Trulli the Italian
Formula 1 driver.

*karendianne. said...

I do remember discussing this as we put Mr. Deere away for the winter. I'm thrilled he's back and ready to go.

Love reading all about your joys greeting spring. Makes a person stop and think and take notice!


ScrappyPam said...

Ah, yes. Mowing in Oregon in the spring, a feat unto itself. I remember those days well.

Glad you got Mr. Deere back in shape so you can use him. Does he do puddles well? ;)

Kerilou said...

If you and LR have a name for your mowers, I need one, too!! I will get on this. Mine is a craftsman, too. I will be in charge of much of the mowing this year as Peter is still in Lake Placid for work. Sounds like you and I are about the same in our spring developments. Bring it on!

Dawn said...

I was hoping JD would get the can, and you would be sittin' on one of those new harley mama type mowers...LOL I am very happy to hear you are now seeing some real signs of spring. I am too!!

noble pig said...

What a lovely mower. Spring is here..Yippee...the lawn needs to be cut weekly now!

Penny said...

Spring is here - as I type I can hear the birds singing and my lawn is full of daisies . I'm not sure if that's good or not but I like them!

I'll do some measurements of the Unity stamps especially for you next time I post :)