Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For Big Girls Only! - Fat Book Page Recap

Fat Book Page: Famous Women
Just playing and having fun...

Fat Book Page - Pin Up
Yep. There she is.. A Varga Gal!
Not much left to any imagination!

Fat Book Page: Torn and Tattered Wings
The Front
(my favorite page, actually!)

The Back of Torn and Tattered Wings
(click to enlarge and read journaling)

So.. you remember that 'little' (read: EPIC!) swap I was in where we submitted 2 sets of 10 Fat Books pages per month for 5 months? Like, during the summer when things are extra busy around here? Hello!!! Why didn't anyone hit me over the head before I said yes?

Ok.. Yes, it was worth it.. Yes it was fun.. Yes it was awesome to see all the other creations that some super duper talented folks made! And our hostess? The Mostess!

But... It's over baby! And I got everything in on time!

I'm catching up and sharing with you my last four pages... one is very 'for adult eyes only'.. My apologies! You should have seen me making it! Under wraps!!!!!!!!!


Suzanne C said...

Now I am very curious about that one page... Wow! I only did that one little fat book page and it took some effort.. So Hurrah for you! Now you get to work on Christmas projects...

Debbie said...

I enjoyed your tattered wings comments. Wow, you are so insightful. Keeping the scrapbook community ALIVE. Good Job!