Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Recap - 2 Events Down... More to Go!

Some of my new plants! I also got strawberry plants
They are all in the garage,
hidden from the chickens
The chickens should be moving to their new home by Friday
Then the yard is all mine!
Except for the bummer lambs

The kidlets and Me
In a nice, toasty greenhouse!
Oh was it heaven...
Now I know where to run too when it's cold...

My Apprentice!
The new Lawn Ranger!
I'm free!
(well, except for touch ups, raking, etc. etc.)

Sami and Mr. Deere
And a few of our Heifers looking on!
I have to start the mower for her. Her legs are not quite long enough!

The Raker
That's actually a shovel. He had other duties - in the dog pen,
before raking...


Yesterday was wonderful! Well, the whole weekend, really... Even though Jake has been fighting a nasty cold...(he missed 2 days of school and a field trip)... he's finally on the mend... His sister 'was nice enough' to bring home all his homework on Thursday, and he got to catch up.. somewhat... last night was a a furious 'model building' project - the courthouse.. Something for history? Beats me... All I know is we got to use my scrappy supplies.. Fun!

Here's the Low Down:

Friday Night: The Pendleton Farmer's Market: Sami went with me. Home at 10pm. I bought 2 new plants! Geraniums... Love their earthy smell...

Saturday: Yard work! I trained my new apprentice... Sami, how to mow! She's going to be an excellent driver.. Very conscience! She and Mr. Deere are fast friends now... Saturday night, we went out to dinner.. All four of us... no babysitter, so we all celebrated our 14th year Anniversary at the Haines Steakhouse...

Sunday: Started with more yard work! Jake was recruited as a raker.. Sami still mowed.. I got to rake, weed, supervise... Then off to the Ace Greenhouse, Mexican Restaurant and back home...

Lambing season is going strong!!!

We are up to 5 bummer lambs now...they are in the garage under heat lambs.

Bottle feeding schedule:
6 am (me)
11 am (me, when no kids)
4pm (kids)
8 pm. (kids)

It's a small world out here in our area. The nursery is owned by Sami's teacher's husband. So Sami's teacher was working.. She works 2 jobs this time of year - in addition to being the school principal.. Make that 3 jobs! That woman deserves a medal! Man.. I thought I had luggage under my eyes...

We ran into Jake's teacher at the nursery also!

And, one of the gals working was the La Grande market manager last year, and she just so happens to work in Human Resources full time, at the University... She said she has seen my name on the two jobs I applied for and that I am 'in the running' and doing well!

Oh cheese. To small of a world at times!

Tonight is my other interview!

Up Next: Two Birthdays...


Karen said...

Wow Andi, between this post and the last one, it sure sounds like you've got a lot going on!! I got a chuckle out of Sami driving the mower as my son would Love that job!! :>:> Enjoy your flowers! :>

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Wooo-hooo! Congratulations on passing the Mr. Deere torch on to the next generation! And good luck on your interview! :-)

Dawn said...

I neeeed to see pics of the are always one busy gal. Happy Mom's day!

Suzanne C said...

I want baby lamb pictures. :) Too cute your daughter on that lawn mower! Great how you all work together to make everything happend. Just know you will have one of those jobs. Question is how to fit it in with everything else!

Stamping Cafe said...

Wow, love those photos! Love how you all work together to make things happy, that's awesome!

Good luck on the interview, I know you will find something good for you!


Sweet Blessings said...

So, glad you had a GREAT Weekend...yard work and all :D And, I'm praying the perfect job comes your way! And, now, you'll always remember your 14th Anniversary as the "family night out year :D" Sweet blessings, sweet girl!

Kelly Booth said...

Oh...and I want to see the Baby lamb photo's too!!!

Kelly Booth said...

Glad you have some help.....You sure are a BUSY one Andi!!
Sounds like you had a Wonderful Mother's Day@!

sideoats + scribbles said...

I have that same hat! :)

Need to get a new one, mine is in tatters!