Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's Happening... Top 16

Here's a quick list of 'the life of Andi'...

  1. I taught my first class yesterday! Yep. At our LSS (Local Scrapbook Store), which, for me, is 17 miles away! The owner has been asking me for months (so flattered!) to teach scrapbooking and card making classes... But, I was hesitant! I didn't want to turn my favorite therapy/obsession/hobby into a 'job'. Yesterday was a card class.. for Mother's Day! I survived! Tee Hee. Note: Check in with other friends who do this for tips!
  2. I'll be teaching another class for Fathers' Day. We are going to alter a clock! Guess who is getting a clock for Father's Day this year???? :)
  3. I cut my son's hair the other day... Yesterday? It's all a blur... No, Tuesday. Yesterday he was sick! Anyway, I guess since I cut Sami's hair, he was all impressed. His bangs are way too short! Poor kid.
  4. I caught my son's bug. Today is my sick day. That's what mom's do, right? I promise I have not been kissing pigs! (That's for Rebs and her email).
  5. I had a phone job interview with five people over a week ago... Tap.. Tap.. Tap.. Waiting for the outcome. I hate this part!!! This is a University Job.
  6. I have another job interview - with 6 people - Monday night at 8pm! My bedtime! Oh dear... This is for a City Job.
  7. I was supposed to help in my daughters class today with a scrapbook/card Mother's Day project. But, since I got sick, I sent my husband with a bag full of goodies to the school, and a sample card. Get this... he never took the bag to the school! It went to town and back instead!!! I'm bummed .. the teacher was bummed... Note to self: Drive it yourself!
  8. My 14th Anniversary was yesterday... but we have not done a darn thing.. Postponed until the weekend... Oh.. and two baby lambs arrived yesterday! Well, bummers... More lambs are being born daily!
  9. Cinco de Mayo was fun! I made my Grandma's Spanish Rice and my husband made ever so tasty Margarittas. Maybe that should be our anniversary celebration! It's looking 'dismal' this weekend anyway... The babysitter called. No. Can. Do.
  10. We have to shear sheep as soon as this place dries out (it's been raining for days)
  11. I think our Mother's Day Plans will turn into Sheep Shearing Plans
  12. I think our Anniversary Plans will also turn into Sheep Shearing Plans
  13. I need to mow my lawn.. Mr. Deere is trapped in the shed that now houses bunnies, ducks, chicks, and about 50 hens... I'm sure he's ready to bust loose! I sure hope he is ready to run when that sun busts out!
  14. Tomorrow I go to the Pendleton Market. 1.5 hours away. A night market. But I get to sleep in on Saturday!!! (you know, until 6am if I am lucky).. Yipee! My last free Saturday (I shall savor it!)... unless we are shearing...
  15. Did I tell you we are lambing? Yes I did!
  16. The cows got moved behind our yard, today.. They have already busted the chicken house fence, and one was caught in my yard...
OK! That's a wrap! Gotta go cook for the crew!


glitzen said...

You are one busy girl! Lambs are SO much fun, we lamb-sat for two weeks and fell in love with him.
Good luck shearing! We have been married 14 yrs too.

Suzanne C said...

Yeah on teaching your first class! The clock sounds very cool! Make sure to post a picture! I was feeling a little stressed with work yesterday but after reading your post you put it all in perspective. You have way more to do than me and I don't feel so bad anymore. Feel better and I am sure you are going to hear back on one of those jobs!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Congratulations on your first class! Wooo-hooo! And super big congrats on your 14 year anniversary! Fabulous! :-)

Diana said...

YEAH,congrats on your class.

Dawn said...

Ack, you sound busy as ever. I miss our little im chats, hope you have a fantastic Mothers day, your one fantastic mom!

Laura O'Donnell said...

hey, I saw you won a Big Shot - congrats!

Stamping Cafe said...

Congratulations on your first class and your 14 year anniversary!! Yeah!!

I hope you will feel better soon, sending hugs your way!!

Have a very happy Mother's Day!!

Sweet Blessings said...

Happy MOTHER'S DAY sweet girl! It was so good to get to at least say "hi" in person on Friday...sorry, I didn't get to come visit..I actually got there late, and left by 6:30 to be back home for another committment...I know my husband is still pondering your offer, don't give up on him...I think his life is just spinning a little out of control right now! Sounds like yours is doing a little of the same! HAPPY 14th to you and your MR....and I'm hoping you did get to do something fun alongside the sheep shearing....I'll be praying those interviews lead you to the PERFECT position...from my heart to yours...Sweet blessings!