Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coloring Week! CHF Week #1 Challenge

I'm Reaching for the Stars!

I've been coloring in my 'free' time... It's the current's week challenge at the CHF Big Ol' Honkin' 5 week challenge going on! Tee Hee!

The special 'this week's challenge' gallery is getting busy! Lots of beautiful goodies in there!

Of course, this means, for me, I am not doing any other of my favorite challenges (Hero Arts, Caardvarks, 2Peas)... not until I get the CHF 'project of the week' done and under wraps!

Focus. Focus. Focus.

All I can share right now, is that I have been playing with trees, and coloring with them with different colors to see which ones I like...


Life At the Ranch:

It's been absolutely gorgeous! Summer is here!

I am such a California girl. I love my sunshine.. And water... Oh the combo package!


But, summers fly by!

My 'free' time is very sparse right now! Serious 'busy' going on!

My Report: Day 1 At the New Job:
I woke at 4am and was so darn excited!
I am one lucky lucky lucky gal.
I went for a walk... did some work at the ranch, and went to my new job. I am working there 20+ hours a week.
This is the place where I taught my recent scrapbook/altered art classes. Yippee!

My boss asked for my 'perfect' schedule.. and then she adjusted everyone's schedules around it... (note to self - give boss lady a big fat kiss - or box of chocolates! And, some goodies for co-workers for being so accommodating of new chick on the block!)...

Oh my gosh.. Just typing it makes me want to cry! She is so awesome!!!!!!! ( I'm also tired from all the awesomeness going on!)...

How on earth does anyone work a full-time job? And be a mom, wife, house-cleaner, gardener, etc. etc.??? Granted, my lifestyle is a little skewed.. and my 'jobs' are not your run of the mill jobs, either! Like yesterday... Seven hours at my new job (it's actually our local scrapbook/copy/ship/mail store - and let me tell ya, we were heavy on the shipping and lifting thing! Crud. I never sat down. And lunch is only 30 minutes. I'm going to be napping on my lunch minutes!) .. I went to my job AFTER I put in a few at the ranch... (I 'herded' a cow and three calves out of my yard, made lamb milk, started laundry, cleaned the kitchen.. prepped a ranch deposit... stuff like that...)

My Dogs Were Barking when I got home!!!! But they are happy dogs!

Too bad the dogs didn't get to park (rhymes with bark) until about 8pm!

I got to cook dinner, clean the kitchen again, mix lamb milk, etc. etc...

But I did get to bed at a decent hour...

Because I had to get up at 4am to do the Chicken Run again! That's what I'm calling it! My Tuesday Chicken Run!

Tee hee!

So Wednesday's Line up you ask? Work at the day job until 2:30 pm; then do the local Farmers Market (I have one hour between the two) until 6:30 pm. Home at 8pm...

It's crazy - but for those of you that think I'm insane, it's just during the summer...I promise!

Then, the markets will slow down and I can as well.

Hey! Maybe I'll loose some poundage with all this stuff!



Tami B. said...

I need a nap just reading your schedule. You are a seriously busy woman, Andi. I admit to running out to the car for a quick nap on my lunch when I can. It's pure heaven.

Suzanne C said...

I was so hoping for a sneak peak on your CHF stuff... I am exhausted just reading your schedule and you are going to waste away to nothing with that schedule! So glad you found something to add a little income. (Maybe for more scrapbook supplies.) tee hee..

Lauren said...

Girlie, you're making me tired just reading about what you've been up too!!!

Totally jealous of your new job, but in a good way! Hope you continue to love it!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! When I used to work outside the house at a full-time job, I used to joke that I had TWO full-time jobs ... my J*O*B job and my everything-else job. Work at one for 8 to 12 hours, and then go work at the other for another 8 to 12. It can make you crazy!

I like my life much better now that I work from home. I can start a load of laundry and then work. Or I can put something in the oven and then do a little more work while it cooks. It helps reduce my stress.

I admire you, girl, for pulling a part-time gig on top of all the rest that you do. These times are tough and you are sure pulling hard for your family and doing all that you can! You go girl! :-)

Stamping Cafe said...

Wow, Andi!! What a schedule you have! I'm so exhausted after reading it! You are one super woman! I'm so happy for you about your new job!

Happy Fourth Of July!


moralia said...

Pst... may want to take a peek at my blog! ;)


Diana said...

Always love hearing your stories about the ranch!

Karen said...

Wowzers! I'm tired just 'thinking' about your busy schedule!! That's really cool that you're finding time to participate in CHF's challenges...some awesome bennies to participants!! (which, sadly, I am not!) Congrats on the new job! Oh yea, and every picture I've ever seen you post definitely says there isn't any poundage for this schedule o' yours to burn!!! :>:>

glitzen said...

Your life is just so darn cool, and wow...exhausting too. Sounds like an exciting new adventure though. Good for u!