Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 1 - CHF Coloring 'Results'

Welcome Spring
Spring Trees stamp set - Cornish Heritage Farms
Copics, Stazon
Karen Foster 3D elements (sun and flowers removed!)
Bazzil cardstock
Patterned Paper by FancyPants Designs


I did a card for the first week challenge going on at CHF. (See that star over on the left? Click it for more info regarding the 5 weeks worth of challenges!)...

Can't say I am 'thrilled' with the results! I am not good at coloring! I even practiced on several different trees!

But, I tried!!!


Yesterday, I made a super long post about the past week.. and how I survived! But, since I am running out of time here, I will have to share the photos and deets later... Gater..

The highlights are...
  • I survived!
  • I am now on a multivitamin
  • I colored during my free time (card above)
  • I did two markets during 'all this' (Baker, Boise)
  • My family 'ditched me' on Saturday.. I went to Boise, they went to the rodeo in Haines
  • My family got 'dumped on' during a Thunderstorm while at the rodeo, while I was driving home (just sayin' - a little Karma?)
  • Another storm came through last night
  • Looks like another storm today! (I love storms!)
  • I fell asleep during the backyard firepit and fireworks 4th of July party! Maybe because I woke at 3am and had already a full day????
  • I walked 2 days! (yippee!) No sillies.. Not 2 days straight! I 'went for a short walk' - 2 different days.
  • And, I took the kids to 'our pool' yesterday and had 2 hours of bliss in the sun - with one of my scrappy mags.. Love me some sun and water when its hot hot hot!!!!!
That's a wrap!

Catch you all later!

This week I am working on paper piecing!!! (Week 2 CHF challenge)

In my free time!


Suzanne C said...

I kept looking for your entry over at the challenge and didn't realize you had already posted it and I had commented on it. I was so busy looking at the card I didn't notice it was yours until later. :) Loved your trees! This weeks challenge should be fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I am tired just seeing the run down of your weekend. :)

Lauren said...

You are always so busy yet you manage to get lovely cards done!!! I need to learn how to do that with my scrappin! :)

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! I love your cheerful card! I love the trees, clouds, sunburst-sunshine, and the lovely grass. I think that the tall stretched font in the sentiment goes really nicely with your tall trees, too! :-)

Guy Magallanes said...

Andi I love storms too! Mother Nature is so Awesome! I love how you reported that after being ditched karma caught up with the ditchers. I'm just saying....

Karen said...

Andi, you really crack me up! Love the Karma comment!! :>:> I think your coloring came out great! It echoes the little big of patterned paper that its matted on and makes a really happy little scene. :> Keep your head up (how far of a drive is Boise??) and I'm sending you sleep + energy (hopefullly in the daytime) + a sense of humor (which you seem to be in great supply of) + a wonderful B complex vitamin vibes!! :>:>
I've left you an award on my blog. :>

Stamping Cafe said...

Gorgeous card, Andi! Can't believe you can still make cards with your busy schedule!! Love it!

Diana said...

Love the tree card.

Kelly Warren said...

hi andi! wow, busy week you had last week!

i love this little art piece too!

and i just sent you a little blog love on my blog.

Sweet Blessings said...

I think you win the prize for BUSIEST GIRL!!! I'm glad you are taking a multi-vitamin, and got a couple walks in :D Most of all..I'm soooo happy you've been blessed with a job you LOVE! Praying this week is slower...and filled with time just for "YOU"! Sweet blessings!

Kim Ross said...

Love your projects! I didn't realize that we're nearly neighbors! :)