Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hero Arts + QuicKutz = One Fantastic Week!

OK Stamping and Crafting Goddesses and Gods!

Consider this post your biggest enabling venture of the summer!

Have you been in a slump? Lost your Mojo? Feeling like your groove thang just ain't been groovin?????

Get those Hero Arts Stamps and your Die Cut Machines revved up...

Are you ready, Freddy? Betty? Eddie? Spaghetti? (Excuse me, this litany was part of the mommy and kids drive to town and back!)..

What up, you ask?

QuicKutz and Hero Arts are going to blow your socks right out of the water! Daily!!!!

They started yesterday. BOTH blogs are doing daily giveaways, and daily 'show and tells' of awesome projects that mix and match both their products!

AND the challenge at the Hero Arts Blog this week is to create a project using a die that you cut! A NEW brand spanking project! (NO, my Big Shot is not here yet!!!, but my Cricut is!).

Here is the link to the QuicKutz Blog

AND in addition to the daily giveaways, and the Hero Arts challenge winnings, one lucky winner will get a bonus prize worth $400 of QuicKutz and Hero Arts goodies!

Go get 'em crafty friends! Show them your stuff!!!!

Back At the Ranch:

So here's the deal.. My sweet little 11 year old daughter has been super busy cranking out goodness on 'our' new Cricut Expression! (Although, she calls it the Circus Expression.. not sure why..). I have all sorts of goodies I am playing with...

She's even discovered the beauty of some of my new Prima papers... Oh my...some one has to use it!!!!

Anyway, my project is waiting until Sunday to post! (Well, it's not made yet, but it is in the works!)...

Now Go Play!
Watcha Waiting For????


Kelly Booth said...

DID you say Cricut??? you mean NOW you have a Big shot and a Cricut???? YAY!!!!!
Can't wait to see the project.....

lauren said...

oooooooooooooooh! holy moly that sounds like FUN...consider me completely & expertly enabled!!! :)

ok, so this ought to be an email...but your profile page is not accessible (which may be intentional, but mine was once, UN-INTENTIONALLY, so i mention it!) & i'm running out of time, so please excuse it as a comment! :)

as to how i printed text RIGHT ON the photos: yes, you're quite right, it can quite easily be done in PSE by clicking the text tool and clicking on the photo & then typing what you want to say. you can adjust font, size & color until you like what you see.

in my case, i started making stuff YEARS ago-- (before there WAS a PSE...just PS & it was MEGA-$$$!)--so i am used to using a graphics program by broderbund called "printshop" in which i can manipulate words, images, etc in a system that i find slightly more clearcut than PSE...but possibly only b/c i am used to it!!! (old dog...new tricks...'nuff said...) :)

you can PROBABLY even use MSword for similar results...or...really old school but it'll work: print text on a TRANSPARENCY and then just lay it *over* the photos! hope that helps...feel free to email if you'd like more specific info or have q's! llaurenb@hotmail.com

many, MANY thanks for all of your kind words about matthew's book, they are VERY much appreciated!!!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Love your enthusiasm! It's contagious! :-)

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL at Sami stealing the Prima papers, she has GREAT taste :)

Anonymous said...

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