Friday, June 12, 2009

Ranch Photos and Stories

Hi all... It's been an exciting week on the ranch.

  1. Four Farmers Markets in a row (Wed pm, Thurs pm, Fri pm, and Sat)
  2. On Tuesday we torched my 'old' Green House that 'biffed' in the huge wind storm of 2007. Kind of a sad event.. First, I cleaned out everything I could salvage and found a 'Little Tykes' garden tool! I'm saving it.. OH MY! A sweet little reminder of when the kids were itty bitty!
  3. On Wednesday, the kids and I had 'chick duty' (as in muck work) and 'move the yearlings (cattle)' duty - along with an adventure. Ever see a woman walking down the highway looking out of place? That was me. Work clothes. Jeans inside my black rubber irrigating boots. Frightening sight no doubt!
  4. And now, it's raining... Otherwise we would be marking lambs (heavy lifting) before Sami and I leave for Pendleton.
  5. Tomorrow will be rain also, at the Baker Market. Oh well!
I posted lots of critter photos and more details on the ranch website... Here you go! Take a peek at our life on the ranch!

Sami is still playing with the Cricut. She is mad at it. It's not cutting deep enough for her, so it's being punished (turned off)... I love the paper she stole from one of my kits! Dang she has good taste!

Catch you all later!


Lauren said...

I LOVE when you share about ranch life... off to check out the photo link! :)

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Tell Sami I get mad at the Cricut, too ... and I don't even own one! I borrow a friend's when we hang out and scrap together ... and it always acts up for me! I feel Sami's not-cutting-deep-enough pain! :-)

Suzanne C said...

Wish we were near enough by to stop over at your farmer's market! Love the stories. Going to head over for pictures on the ranch blog. I also just recieved my envelope full of goodies! Thanks so much! Now I have to make sure to play with them and incorporate them in something I can share!

Diana said...

Oh how fun. Love your life on the ranch. It reminds me of my childhood in a rural community