Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Living!

Casa de Espinoza!
This vehicle was parked here for 2 nights!
Oh we love it when our favorite people come to visit!!!

Hello Aunt Alice!
You're lookin' Gooood!!!

Jake Giving Uncle John Wheel Line Instructions

Jake is in charge of this wheel line. He goes out twice a day.
Shuts it down, lets drain, turns on the motor, moves it so many feet,
then turns it on and poof!
Sprinker Irrigation.
Uncle John was impressed with Our Boy!

The Checker Tournament
Gotta Love a John Deere Checker Set!!

The First Heat of Checkers
Jake won.
See that stack of yellow checkers just to to the left of his neck?
He smoked!
Or, did Uncle John give him the game?
You never know with that kind hearted soul.

Back Yard Summer Fun!
I love the steers in the background, and my yard actually looks decent
when shots are taken 'from a distance'!!!
Little do you know the grass is tall, I haven't weed eated at all this summer, etc. etc.

My favorite Auntie and Uncle came to visit us during their Grand Tour of Oregon!

I love these people... They are kind, loving, caring, and just the most compassionate human beings on the planet.

We all fell in love with them all over again!

We miss them already.



Ranch Life:

My husband hurt his back last week or so, and the kids have been his left hand and right hand. He points at things, and they do the work. They have NOT been happy campers! This went on for over a week! Finally, he is feeling better and all of us are too!

One of Sami's Gold Fish died last Friday. She and her Dad and brother were quick to replace her (Angel was her name) with about 4 guppies... Goodness...

Saturday: Sami and I did the Boise Farmers Market. Hotter than heck! 104 degrees during the drive home! Sizzlin'.

Sunday: Housework all morning, then to the pool. To many people at 'our pool'. Sami basically sat out and watched the whole scene. She's a shy one.

Monday: Last minute housework (2 hours) before putting in a whole day at work. Our Guests arrived! Dinner: Lamb Sausage.

Tuesday: Up at 3:30 for an earlier than usual Chicken Run. Dick and I loaded chickens in the dark. Picked up the processed lambs, met a customer, back to chicken place, loaded last weeks chickens, back home by noon! Hello!!!!! Napster. Dinner: Lamb Chops!

Wednesday: Work day, followed by a huge order and delivery to one of our restaurant clients in La Grande. Hectic day - again! We will be having dinner at this restaurant on Saturday Night!!! When I got home about 3:30 pm from work (before loading up and heading to La Grande), there was a note on the laundry room door to be quite when entering!!!

Our kitty had her kittens!!!

Too darn adorable.

Sami was the Doctor.

I heard the whole story.

And, I'm car shopping! Well, I did a quick glance. Hope to have time this Sunday.

The question is: Ford Explorer or Expedition? I love my Explorer! It now has 248,000 miles.

See ya!


Sweet Blessings said...

So smiling that you got to squeeze in a great visit & evening with your family :D I'll be praying about your car shopping...whooohoooo decisions, decisions..but in the wheels!!! I hear you on the heat...Ughhhh...I am so dreading Pendleton tomorrow was awful last week! Thanks for being YOU....have a great evening...See you soon...Sweet blessings!

Robin Kirkpatrick said...

Great photos, Andi! So interesting to hear about all the hard work you all do and nice to see that you had a chance to rest up with some family and drink a nice cold one ;-)

Sue McGettigan said...

Andi you're a whirlwind of activity! So nice to have family visiting, glad you guys had a good time. I'm looking forward to seeing my family soon.

Guy Magallanes said...

So good to see pix of the folks enjoying themselves with you all! Love the one of Jake & John with the John Deere checkers! and John with his 'best' shorts on!

Suzanne C said...

Love the family pictures of your Aunt and Uncle and kids. Love that they were playing checkers too! Wow your week was busy and hot.. You don't go for much of the in between temperatures do you. :)

Karen said...

You always have great stories to tell, Andi! And its nice to see families playing board games....who would have ever thought that would become retro??!! Not I! I remember playing UNO, Pictionary, Clue, Operation, and Stratego with my family (and a whole host of other games too!:>). Good luck on the car shopping! :>

Kelly Booth said...

Thst john Deer checker Set just cracks me cute!
Glad you had some nice visitors...
Hope hubby gets better soon!
Yay for you on a new vehicle....

*karendianne. said...

Awww, I'm so behind. They came to visit!!! Oh Andi, what a special time. I'm so happy for everyone. Happy to read Jake got to be the Man for Uncle John, too. That feels REAL good.

With big love for you special time!!! Cousin *karendianne.