Friday, July 17, 2009

CHF Week #3 - Resist - Which Would You Pick?

Door #1 - The Tree
This card really made me mad! That tree stamp would not ink up completely.
See the Blue gaps in the trunk?
So I rejected it.
After several attempts at getting the perfect tree.
I was so sure I could do it!
This baby cost me way too much time at the crop till you drop.
Ink. Stamp. Clear Emboss. Ink.
Say What???
Many, many, many times...
It was that intense!
I'm tempted to burn this card to seek my revenge...

Door #2 - Aged Sheet Music with Crochet
(This is missing the Sentiment that I stole for the card below!)
This one was better. But seemed so plain!
Too much brown.
I'm saving it for a resurrection at a later date.

Door #3 - Especially For You
Now this card, I liked!
But after I took my photos, I noticed it looked a bit odd.
My scallops are funky!
And, it just did not look balanced.
Back to the fix-it shop..

Door #4 - Especially For You - Revamped!
I did some fixin'
But, as you can see,
I have some funky scallops at the bottom
(they look like teeth!)
But I am so done with this!
I've got to move on!!!
I have things to do!
I have relatives coming to visit!
I have to get up at 3am tomorrow!


See how I work? Scary, isn't it? I don't know if it's like this for other stampers and scrapbookers, (in terms of all the trials and errors) but I thought I would share with you 'what happens in my creative world' when I try to make something for a specific challenge.

Do you think it's because I am left handed? I mean, I operate differently, right? As in left.
Different part of the brain.

Well, I have to say... Resist Stamping and I have spent this past week in a battle. Oh yeah... My head hurts from all the 'stuff' I attempted in my 'free time'.

I'm thinking of those precious naps I passed up :)

Or the lawn mowing

Or house cleaning

Or... who knows? Exercise?

So, now that it's all said and done and posted...

Which card would you have picked???

I'm curious!


Guy Magallanes said...

meant to say not cookie cutter dye-cut job, but hand made

Guy Magallanes said...

I know you were trying for something other than what you got with the tree, but I love the see throughs, it looks like the great bark of the tree.
Love you scallops too, can tell they were hand made with love, cookie cutter dye-cut.
You rock!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! I struggle like this too! Try something, try it again, try it over and over. It can be frustrating when you're working on a deadline! I really like the one you ended up with (#4). I like the photo of it. It really shows off all the details you included. It is a gorgeous card with lots of depth and great colors! You've got great taste and great skills! Hang in there! :-)

Karen said...

Pass up laundry? Me, me, me!! :> In fact, I happen to have the last bit of one load staring at me, teasing and taunting me from across the room and another waiting for me in the dryer....shhhhh...don't tell anyone! I love them all, but I know when you are submitting, you are more critical. So, my choices are number 2 & 4. I luuv #2...just warm and rich. And #4 is very balanced and inviting to the eye. Good luck and let us know what you decide! :>

Suzanne C said...

I feel your pain.. I was going to send you jpegs of all my rejects, but I like your method of sharing on your blog. I loved teh card you selected and never noticed anything with the scallops. I also liked each card you created and I have the same issue with getting a solid embossed image on large stamps. The only thing I can think of is to hold it up to the light after you ink it up and see if you can see any areas without versamark and re-apply. Wonderful card!

Sue McGettigan said...

Wow Andi, I think these are GREAT, you're being way too hard on yourself!! My advice? Stick something over the scallops you don't love (strip of lace, paper, something??) and be happy. Others will only notice those 'flaws' if you point them out, if you don't make it a flaw, it isn't one - KWIM?? I'm still in Zen mode :)

Diana said...

Love, love the butterfly card!

Lauren said...

LOL> sounds like you had an entertaining time!!!

I LOVE the second card - the brown one with the music on it. YUm.

glitzen said...

Tree burning? Hee hee, I'm not sure that's allowed.
All the cards look wonderful, Andi. You always inspire me! Right now its our riding season, so no time to scrap/craft but fall is just around the corner...

Stamping Cafe said...

Wowzers, Andi!! Totally gorgeous cards, I love all of them!! Good luck!!

Anne said...

Hi again, Andi! I've nominated you for The Circle of Friends Blog Award as part of my first blogoversary celebration. I appreciate your frequent visits and comments! It means so much! :-)

Jacqueline said...

Dear Andi - I love these cards - wow they are eye candy for sure!
Hope you have a happy summer, that farm life is not too hard on you!

Tami B. said...

It's a close call between 2 and 4 for me. I'm most partial to 4, though. There's something about those colors. Love it.