Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Speedy Winter Post! Or is it Fall? Wall? Finter?

Hi all!

Just thought I would pop in and share 'what's up' in our world!!

Some serious ramblings.. be warned!

Well, it's official.

Summer is over, and Fall/Winter is here!

I think Fall was here for 2 days last week..then summer.. and now it's looking like Winter!

Jake had an outdoor field trip yesterday. I told him to wear long underwear under his clothes. Both he and his father scoffed at me. Result? Frozen little boy. Should have listened, Pal! That makes 2 Pals, in case you are wondering...

I am still making my Tuesday meat runs. I just changed the name. They are now called Tasty Tuesdays... picked up 10 lambs and 1/2 a beef (processed) yesterday... I drank a Spiced Pumpkin Latte on the way.. The best part of the day!

We have another big dinner this Saturday featuring our meats. It's gonna be tough... I have to be at the Boise Market... Which is a 3am wakeup call, and don't get back until 4pm... And on WCMD???? How the heck will I get it all done???? (As Winnie the Pooh says, 'Think, Think, Think')...

Right now? I am wearing my long undies under my clothes. It's 43 degrees at 9:30 am and our high will just get to 51. If we are lucky.

The wood stove pipe is cleaned out. Thanks Mr. S! Someone just needs to clean out the stove itself... THEN we can have a fire! I think Mr. S is holding out until we are really really really cold! Oh.. I slept with my long undies last night, too. It was too cold, by my standards! I think I should get about 3 more pairs.. To be prepared.

So, life is cranking at full speed!

The kids School Open House is tonight.
I worked on the ranch newsletter just a bit ago... hope to get it out this week.
I have deliveries tomorrow.
And my day job is today and tomorrow...

And, since I have people will need to eat sometime during all the running around, tonight's dinner will be a lamb shank stew.

Gotta run!!!


Suzanne C said...

Go Andi... Go Andi.. Go Andi.. Thought you might need a little cheer! We in the crowd are humbled by your spirit and peppiness! Saturday. Hmm.. how to build in some inky time. That is a problem. Can't stamp and drive.. :)

Joshua Jiraffe Designs said...

Hay (just a little morning humor) Andi: Great! post this morning, as they all are. I had to laugh at your "men". My boys are the same, although my hubby is a bit more with me these days since we're still getting accustomed to the new weather/temps here in WY, and yes! wall/finter is definitely here! Congrats on making all 7 sketches and great last card! So tell me, where do you get the long undies? I could also use several pairs for sleep and day wear. Lamb shank stew? Sound yummy! J is on a 2 week spin to reduce his carbon footprint for a climate change project at school and that means...his dad and I are also required to follow his lead. So... no meat, chicks or swimming creatures...I'm being challenged, but in a good way. Good luck with tomorrow...gezz!!!!! Our market closed last Friday (so sad). Hope your patrons buy LOTS! BTW: Didn't see your name over at Dawn Mcvey's (My Favorite Things) new color challenge. Just wanted to make sure you know about it....just one more thing to put on your already amazingly full plate! Have a wonderful day...k
P.S. Thanks for the comments on my blog! They help...a lot

Sorry about the delete...too many typos!!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! Definitely sounds cold and chilly and Finter-like up there! Here in North Carolina, it's in the mid-70s with a light breeze and a beautiful sunny sky! :-)

Karen said...

MMmmmmmm....Pumpkin Spice Latte....I still need to wrap my hands around a warm one of those! I remember the days of long underwear (my Mom swears by silk long underwear!) and even with all my groaning over the heat wave (that is finally over...phew!), I am glad it doesn't get too too cold here. You always amaze me with how much you stay hoppin'! Good luck, hope you get some more fall into the mix, and stay warm!! :>

Elise said...

I can see why that is your favorite tree! Sooooo purdy! You just put your head down, sweetheart: you'll be back to craftin' in no time! You're a great mom/wife/day job worker, CRAFTER supreme!

Sweet Blessings said...

Happy October :D So smiling at your ramblings...sounds like life is crazy, but Good...and I so hope you get to enjoy a few days of FALL before Winter hits!!! Hey, and I do like your suggestion of Boo for my new baby girl...very fitting I think :D Okay, I totally froze at the market this morning, and my warm blanket & sofa are calling my name! Have a GREAT afternoon & Sunday! Swete blessings!

Sue McGettigan said...

Andi you're amazing! Break out the long undies girlfriend, we can't have you freezing your tush off on the way to Boise! Even with the cold, I'd love to do that run with you, imaging the laughs we'd have :)

Today's menu - card making :)