Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Weekly Recap!

Sami's BFF's Version
Hannah invited all the littlest Pet Shop Critters

The Hostess in the Background
That girl rocks!
She actually baked brownies!
And heated up Apple Cider.
Tea Cups? The Real McCoy.
** we love Auntie Alice! ****

Friday Night Power Outage
The dudes lighting our indoor backup cooking stove
OH! And the woodstove is crankin'!
Just in time for the power outage...
2 hours worth.

Cub Scouts - Learning About Pollution and Waterways
That's my friend Wendy!
She's my SU demo and I am her Cub Scout Leader Assistant!
We are going to be roommates at my annual Fall Scrappy Retreat!!!
Only 2 more weeks!!!
OH.. 2.5 weeks.

Jake taking his rock collection assignment very seriously!

Volleyball Star
Braids curtesy of me!

Our Friend, Denise!
Saturday Night Dinner!!!!
Boy we had fun!
Not to be out done, Jake's Cheesy Antics during dinner.. At a Faboulous restaurant.
He actually had walrus tusks most of the time. Two straws were waving back and forth.
Do your kids do this when you go out? You know, in public?
At least he is wearing a button down shirt.
For crying out loud! Where is his mother?
Oh.. She was too busy drinking a glass of fabulous red wine (((ZERBA Vineyards, Walla Walla)) and having a blast with adult conversation!

Dick and I and my friend Denise were totally imerssed in food tasting, wine tasting and talking!

Such a fun night...

My Favorite Dish?
This is a salad, made with beets and other fun stuff.
It was a close #2 to the lamb riblets (ours), but I did not get
a photo of those babies!!!

Chef Merlyn and the Sexton Family
Merlyn owns Foley Station in La Grande, Oregon.
This man is a majician...

OK.. As usual It's full steam ahead.

Thought I would share some 'in the life' photos!

Monday: Helped with Jake's Cub Scout Troup Field Trip. They went to Wolf Creek Reservoir to collect things, see pollution and discuss what pollution does to the water.

Tuesday: Tasty Tuesday Run... My first stop is usually a reststop just over the Oregon/Idaho border... I love the view of the Snake River out the back side... Gorgeous! Note: This place is pitch black when I drive on Saturday's!!! I 'blow through' about, oh, 6am!

Wednesday: It's a blur! I know I worked, and did something.. OH yeah! That's it! The school open house!

Thursday: Delivery to Foley Station for Sat. dinner, and some other deliveries. And work.

Friday: Help Vollyball girl with her ensamble. Game Day. Then meat stuff. OH.. And our power went out for 2 hours during dinner making time! What the????? It was actually 'nice'. We ended up all reading books after dinner by candle/lantern ligh

Saturday: Oh you know.. Up at 3. Leave at 4. Boise. Drive home in a snow storm.. Just a little one. Empty car, get ready for awesome dinner 30 miles away! OH.. And Sami had to catch a bus to Joseph, Oregon for her Volleyball games... HELLO!!! Dick had to leave here at 6:30am to get her to the school... AND, they had snow in Joseph!!!

WCMD? Uh, no... I have not had a chance to participate in WCMD! But, my big plan is to get all the challenges done at Ellen Hutson's Classroom! Seven... And I will have to get them tackled after I go do a meat run... I'm leaving in oh, 30 minutes! Um.. make that 15! OOPS.. Now 5!

Gotta run!

Thanks for listening... you know I do this to actually use for my scrapbooks and 'what the heck happened' journals, don't you????



Laura O'Donnell said...

busy busy! that tea party is too cute!

Karen said...

Busy, busy! Sweet kidlet & family pics! And I'm right here with you on WCMD.....we were having a kidlet birthday party, so I was definitely occupied. Today, we're just relaxing, watching football and the kidlets play.

I am so far behind on scrapping that I often save the body of my emails to friends and family for scrapbook journaling and now there are several stories on the blog as much better than staring at pics and trying to remember the deets beyond the what the pic says!! :>:>

Good luck on completing the Ellen Hutson's challenges!! Thanks for the reminder to check in on her classroom! :>

Suzanne C said...

Wowzzers! What a week! Love the VB braids too cute! Dinner looked good. Wish you had more inky time! Glad you were able to participate in one challenge.