Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween! 2009

Treats for The Trick or Treaters!
I made these while at last week's retreat.
Super easy!
Since we are at the end of a long driveway,
and in a very rural area, our visitors are far and few between.
So they get special goodies

Materials Used:
Top Note Die -SU - used with the Big Shot
Punched shapes: all SU punches
(scallop and 2 circles)
Patterned Papers - Dream Street
Black card Stock: SU
Bags: SU

I also made these goodie bags!
The Black bag is from a Cricut Die - THANKS Paula!
(I spent most of the retreat getting to know my Cricut!)
Jenny Bowlin Halloween Bingo Cards
Dream Street Patterned Papers
Black Tulle

*** Most of the Halloween supplies came from an awesome kit ***
Here is a Link

The Hippy Chick
Standing in front of our 'new' Piano!


So the other night, Wednesday to be precise, after I got home from work, and after dinner, about 7:30 pm, my darling children informed me that 'we' had to get their costumes made/together/finished for school the next day.

Nothin' like a fast deadline. And yes, somewhere in the back of my itty bitty brain I knew the date was coming, however, I thought they were big enough to do it all on their own! HA!

Bedtime is 8pm over here at Casa de Sexton, and, in order to get said Children in bed by 8:00pm the 'we' turned into a mostly 'me'. I managed to get the Bell Bottoms done for Sami and a mask done for Jake. Next morning? 'Mom, I need a Peace Sign!'.

Double double sigh.

Sorry, Jake did not dress up for a photo shoot before running off to school! He packed his costume. Which, basically, is a cape and mask. He's good to go as long as he has a cape.

Tonight, Friday night, we will do the downtown Trick or Treat, and tomorrow evening will the annual Drive through the Hood to visit neighbors far and far between!!!

(After the Boise Market... crazy...)

Have a great Halloween!!!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Hey, Super Mom! Those treat bags are adorable. You amaze me.

Karen said...

Hi Andi! Nothing like costumes at the last minute! Although, you were more inspired than I. I ran to Target a day or two ago and riffled through the completely shredded costume aisle, searching desparately for two intact costumes in approximately the right size. What do people do to that aisle anyways?! Ninety percent of the costumes were either costumes missing their masks or the masks missing their costumes!! I think Halloween savages must have attacked the store last weekend!!!!!!!

Your treats are really cute and I just love the Bingo cards!

Hope the java was super strength today!! Happy early Halloween to you and your fam! :>

*karendianne. said...


Suzanne C said...

So now I know why no pictures on the other post of sis... Here she is and she looks very hippy! :) Love the treat bags they are adorable!

Elise said...

Holy bell-bottoms, is your girl CA-UTE! You are super-mom, by any and all standards! I love YOUR SHOW!

P.S. And, I sincerely wish YOU guys were in our trick-or-treat neighborhood! I'll fall, smack into the ground, if my kids received such treasure from a neighbor/friend! DARLING!

an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

I want to trick at the end of your very long!

That's why we got so many kids in your very close much land yet too many houses.

Looks like you had a great time on your get-away...good for you!

Maricel Fabi said...

Your goodie bags are so cute! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it.