Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28th 2009 - A Beautiful Day - Mind Wanderings

The Elves of Baker City Copy Ship & Mail
(I'm the tallest! Go figure! I'm actually 5'5")
All things are relative.
This is the place I work - part-time.
My boss is in the blue.
I work 4-10 hours a week and have applied for 3 other jobs.
I accepted one offer.
My boss loves me!
She still puts me into all the ad photos -
even though I am now just temporary.

Yes. This ad is in all the local print media.
It's official. I am an elf.
An elf, among elves.
Short elves.


Today - November 28th, Saturday

Boy. Yesterday sure was a Thanksgiving 'food hangover'. It took forever to get motivated! And let me tell you... Lamb Sandwiches are not the same at Turkey Sandwiches... nada. no way Jose.

Move Critique:
The kids and I went and saw New Moon last night. For $40 (3 tickets, 2 boxes of candy, 2 bags of popcorn, 3 little sodas), I think we should have just waited until it came onto pay per view. And, might I say, that Bella Chick needs to get herself a hobby? My gosh. Her life revolves around men! Not the role model I would want for my strong, smart, clever, gorgeous daughter. Repeat. Smart. (she's reading over my shoulder right now). OH! And how about Edward? For crying out loud! MUST he constantly pose and have that darn snarl and half lidded stare on his face all the time? He needs to run, play, laugh! And get a job. Another lousy role model for my smart, handsome, witty, clever, and funny son. OK.. Now onto Jacob. Oh my... Mama likes wolves. GGRRRR! Dark and handsome. Ever so cute smile. Too bad they cut 'his hair'. Yet, Sami tells me how long your hair is, is how long your hair is on your wolf form (again, she's here helping me with this post). Yet, he is a bit young. However, he has skills. Repairs things. He at least has a future!
OK.. Movie critique by 47 year old woman is now over.

  • Started the day at about 1am. Insomniac! Got up, cleaned the kitchen (too lazy last night), read through the sale inserts, got online. Back to bed until 6am.
  • It's gorgeous outside. The kids went to town with me while I had my car aligned, and gee, we noticed my tire was getting flat, too! Good Timing. Tire had a nail.
  • We spent an hour at Betty's Books.. while the car was getting aligned... Favorite part of the day
  • Grocery shopped
  • Piazanno's for Pizza lunch. Favorite place to take the kids to eat!
  • Came home.. Worked on my Photo Christmas Card.
  • Loaded a bazillion photos into Snapfish
  • Have a headache
  • Want a Corona
  • Kids are playing at Warm Springs Creek.. Since it is gorgeous outside. 41 degrees is gorgeous when there is no wind and the sun is out.
  • Dreaming... just day dreaming... sugar plums really want to dance in my head!
  • Dreaming......
Off to do something....


Elise said...

Andi, you are CUTE, funny...urr ~ HILARIOUS! AND such a "sista!" CRACKING up at how your brain works ~ so much under the hood!!!

I hope you go off an do SOMETHING for your little self! Enjoy!

Suzanne C said...

Love the picture! Glad you got a new job! Although you have plenty of jobs already. :) Funny that you and the kiddos went to New Moon.. I had to go see Planet 51..

Jacqueline said...

What a great picture Andi - you look lovely!
I enjoyed reading about your family adventures - something unheard of here in this country! The American culture is something else!

Virginia L. said...

Hey Andi! My first time visiting oyur blog!! Love your "elf" picture and home pictures AND your cards, cooking!!! Wow! You've got it all, girl! Thanks for coming to my blog to say hi!
PS: I have the same "apple slinky machine"-that's what we like to call it (for making apple pie).