Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Happiest Thanksgiving

Setting the pre-dinner Appetizers
Our snacks were at noon
Dinner? Oh, about 1:30pm.
Yeah.. Not very good planning.
We were stuffed!

They boys were in charge of the snacks
We had Brie Cheese with French Bread
Picked Okra
Assorted Olives
and special drinks

Some of our favorite Decor
The paper turkeys are the kids creations from days long ago

The Pie Girls
Love Sami's Apron!

Our Non Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone had a 'voice' in what we would have
Leg of Lamb
Caesar Salad with anchovies, garlic, Parmesan cheese
Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes with Garlic
Brussel Sprouts with Garlic
Special Drinks

The Evening Festivities
We went to Sami's BFF's Grandpa's 'Park'
Rick is a great rock and roll lover!
(And reminds me of all my friends from 'the gang'!)
(aka the PigFests)

See Stevie Nicks on the TV?
He has three TVs set up for his music videos
And lots of lights

First, we listened to Arlo Guthries 'Alice's Restaurant'
A family Thanksgiving Tradition in their household..

Laser light shows
An outdoor kitchen
A yert
Lots of play zones
It is party central

The Bonfire Crowd
For some reason our host is missing
His daughter, Andie is the one on the right holding the babe

Some of the Sledders!
Sami and her bff Hannah
This is Hannah's Grandpa's Place

The Yert Crowd
Notice my guy is snacking?
That would be why he was not hungry for dessert when we got home!
All these guys took breaks to snack then sled.
Snack. Sled. Snack. Sled.

Dick and I ate THIS when we got home!
Sami's pumpkin Pie
My Apple Pie
Home whipped cream

Woke at 3am
Too much shuga!


Yesterday's Thanksgiving was just one of our best yet!

It started with a very stress-free day in the kitchen. Even though I was 'there' from 6am until 2pm - it was fun.. Seriously.. fun fun fun!

  • I made an apple pie - with our own apples, and had fun playing with the apple/corer/slicer.. Which, is one of the best kitchen inventions yet!
  • Sami made her own pumpkin pie - crust and all! It was a joy to have her with me in the kitchen. Someone to work with, talk with, play with. How lucky am I?
  • Our meal consisted of Leg of Lamb (our own), Caesar Salad, Garlic Brussel Sprouts, Yukon Mashed Potatoes, special drinks
  • The boys were in charge of putting together our appetizers and drinks
After we ate, then we took naps, followed by chores, and then....

Off to a bonfire party!

The kids sledded and snacked.

The adults stood around the fire, laughing, story telling, embiding.

When we got home the kids were too tired (or full) for pie...

So the parents ate dessert while the kids were snug in their beds.. reading!

My heart is full.

Thankful for great friends, my little family , and our cozy and simple life.

Really really Thankful.


Karen said...

Andi, your Thanksgiving sounds really wonderful! It was just the four of us for Thanksgiving this year, but it made for a really mellow, cozy, family day and we all LOVED it! It sounds & looks like you all had a great time at the bonfire too! Two of my closest girlfriends are coming in to town, one today and the other tomorrow and so we're looking forward to some great fun with friends too. Happy Thanksgiving!! :>

Suzanne C said...

Wonderful Summary of what looked like a fabulous day! So glad you had a fantastic day with the family and friends.

Elise said...

My heart is all full UP, for you! What a dreamy little Thanksgiving scene! I love it! My cheeks are cold and my tummy is warm just from reliving it through your wonderful post! Andi, my dear ~ you inspire me! Such a darling day for you and your sweet family and friends!!! Terrific photos AND now I'm hungry AGIAN! {Doh! Stop the insanity} I really love the genuine feeling of welcomeness you share so generously when you bring us along for your lovely "Ranch Gal" experiences! Happy DAY AFTER, to you!

Laura O'Donnell said...

Your dinner looks yummy, and how fun to go to a rock and roll garage!

Anonymous said...

I always tell people, "3/4 of the Pilgrims didn't make it thru the first Winter. Maybe things would of been different if they had Prime Rib".


Glad you guys had a good day. Tell Dick I may have another source on Jerky.


Diana said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Loved you in your apron.

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Sounds divine (even without the Turkey). I really envy you the "daughter in the kitchen." But don't ever tell my son I said so:)

glitzen said...

Truly fun! The first thing I noticed was Sami's adorable apron! We are apron gals too, we love to find cute ones to wear.

Your pics are great! What a fun day. Was your apple/peeler/corer from Pampered Chef? I have one, and love it. I keep mine mounted all the time on the board, ready to go.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sweet Blessings said...

Sounds like a PERFECT Thanksgiving to me...there's just something about making your own traditions...and then getting to spend time with good friends :D It just makes the heart happy! So smiling that you got to enjoy a great time....sorry the sugar woke you up so early :D Hope you continue to have a GREAT weekend! Sweet blessings!

an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

What a lovely Thanksgiving! How fun that the boys/men were in charge of the apps! Love the photos of Jake setting up and bartending. That sometimes happens to us the appetizers too close to the meal.

My brother made some really yummy Bloody Marys and I tried the Harvest Pear not worth it. What a bummer!

A Rock & Roll garage?! My hubby is going to be so jealous! Sounds (and looks) like it was such a fun, fun time. What a great way to end the day.

Your pies look wonderful, but tell Sami I'm with her...I'm partial to pumpkin...and so nice for you to have her in the kitchen. Great photos of her too...and LOVE the aprons!

When he was little, J used to like to "cook" with me in the kitchen. Only trouble, he wanted us to eat and serve (to guests) what he concocted!!! Fortunately, my hubby loves to cook (and is indeed, the better cook) so he made the turkey and sweet potatoes while my mom and I made the rest.
BTW: I LOVE brussel sprouts, but I'm the only one...sigh!

Hope you have a happy Monday!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving Andi! thank you for sharing the photos!