Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankgiving Place Card

Thanksgiving Place Card
Stamps: Cornish Heritage Farms

Oh boy.. Thanksgiving is only 1 week away!

Any other moms/chefs have to work the day prior? For crying out loud. I will be working until 5:30 pm! That means all the goods need to be in hand, like, on Tuesday...but I do have Thursday thru Sunday off.. that's not a bad 'exchange', eh?

But wait..

Rumor has it it takes 4 days for a frozen Turkey to thaw... That means this girl had better get her turkey (no jokes about the Mr.!) by this Sunday! ACK!

OK.. Off to contemplate other timetables, to do lists, and things I'd rather be doing!

(Like working on my Christmas Cards!!!)

I need to crank out a few more of these babies for our table!


ScrappyPam said...

What a fun place card! I'm sure you'll get it together - you always do! Wishing a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and your family!

Suzanne C said...

Cute! You always find time to fit it all in! Can't wait to see all the little place cards.

Karen said...

Well, you seem to be at least one step ahead of the game by making some cute Thanksgiving place cards! :> I haven't even started putting together our Turkey shopping list. Sigh. I love, adore really, fall, but my goodness, is it ever so busy!! :>

Elise said...

HELLO, adorableness! This is SUCH fun! You just popped this out? In addition to scaling the PASS in scary weather?

You, da WOman! I *heart* this!

Diana said...

What a darling placecard Andi

Elise said...

HELLO, GORGEOUS! I just saw that the CARDS ladies love your work - YOU ROCKSTAR! Yeee HAW!!! Congratulations, my love!!!