Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's Forecast Says...

The weather today is supposed to be:

Partly Cloudy... High of 41', low of 33'.

Well.. then why did we wake to 25 degrees, and why are snow flurries dancing outside my big picture window? Hmm????

The weather forecast irritates me. It's hard to plan one's day - especially if it's travel related.

I am not ready for this.

I have to drive over a pass tonight for an interview. Yep. Interview. It's at 5pm.

And my studded tires are in the back of my car. Not on the wheels. In the back - my appointment to switch out my tires isn't until tomorrow!

And, I am driving over passes on both Saturday and Sunday.

Oh joy.

I can hardly wait.. for Monday, that is...



Elise said...


Drive safe, m'dear! You're AWESOME! YOU CAN DOOOOO IT! tee hee

Hey, email me sometime and we can talk about "the college years!" Heh Heh! {No pressure, though!:o)}

Tami B. said...

So sorry about the weather. I'm not ready for that yet either. We've had a few frosty mornings already. On the bright side, you've been on a beautiful crafty roll. Love the cards and it looks like you're having much better glitter success than I ever do.

Sweet Blessings said...

Praying safe travels for you! And, that you are surrounded by many Sweet blessings!