Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010! New Beginnings

So.. here we are.. January 1st, Twenty Ten. I love the sound of this new year. Sounds Magnificent. Powerful. Full of Big Things!

My word for the year? Strength. My other draft post was all about why I need it, want it, and want to live up to it. I'll keep it to myself right now. And why 2009 was the Year from Hell... Perfect stuff for a scrapbook page.. with hidden journaling... Light Bulb Idea: I'll Use it for Project 12! One of my New Year Resolutions...

The kids and I did stay up until midnight and watched the 'countdown' with Ryan Seacrest. We did NOT see the ball drop! The TV did not show us that.. But the kids were happy little campers - we literally camped out in the living room and had our own little party. Fun fun fun! Last year they cried their eyeballs out because I turned off the alarm when it Jan. 1st 2009 was started with tears. This year, I did good. We also had a 11:55 pm phone call to remind us. Thanks Auntie Paula (it was 2am her time -what a woman)! You've got my back! And, Rabbit Rabbit (It's our good luck mantra)..

So, today after much piddlin' around (aka blog surfing) I cleaned and organized my office and scrap area... Holy. I have tons of stuff! Tons of stuff I don't use! I spent 3 hours on this little exersize and still have a long way to go. But, it's a start!

The kids are now 'dumpster diving' in my junk. Recycling at it's finest! Right now they are going through my supply of chipboard alphas... guess I'll be finding those babies around the house for days!

And, I started a little journal to keep track of the challenges I hope to play with. Sami keeps asking me 'are there any contests going on?'. She's my challenge associate. She skipped Tim's Tags, but we have a list here to start the new Year!

The kids also digged out some gingerbread dough and made some interesting dough art. It kept them busy on a yucky weather day. We got boatloads of snow yesterday, but today was windy, and yucky.

Oh.. I have a FLAT tire. As in, the rim is sitting on a flat tire in the garage. So tomorrow's adventure will be to get the Flat fixed. The plan is to fill it with air, drive to town and have it fixed. Joy.

I don't have my list of resolutions, yet. Still gotta think of that one.

But, for now...

Twenty Ten.

Love It.


Karen said...

Thank you, Andi! Up until I read your post, I've been saying 2010, two thousand ten. Now I hear twenty ten in my head......and ya know what??!! I like it so much better! More definitive. Stronger (yes, like you said, stronger). A statement. A statement to be called out and Heard! Yes, you are correct. Twenty Ten (period).

Sounds like you had a nice New Year's Eve and Day (minus the flat tire part). Kidlets were in bed, later than usual, but definitely no where near the ball dropping time. We both barely were awake for Dick Clark to announce the new year. Does that mean we're old now??!! Ack! Maybe we need to make more eventful plans for next New Year's Eve???? lol In any event, we've enjoyed a mellow day with the fam at home. And since my son doesn't start school until Tuesday, we're going to pretend that (most) responsibilities do not exist for a couple more days! :>

Happy New Year!! Happy Twenty Ten! :>

Diana said...

WOW, I love your New Beginnings post. I too, have a FANTASTIC feeling about 2010. My word this year is JOY! I am doing Project 365 (photo a day) Check out my blog. Best to you friend in the new year.

Sweet Blessings said...

May this year be GREAT in ALL ways! I Love your word...still trying to decide which one I want for this year?!?! Sometimes, I think maybe I shouldn't pick a word, because I've noticed from friends that do...oh, how you will grow in that area over the year :D And, sometimes, the growing is hard!!! ha, ha....I'm feeling the need for an EASY, SIMPLE year :D

Hope our weekend is quiet, relaxing, and filled with lots of craftin' time :D Sweet blessings!

ScrappyPam said...

Happy New Year!! Wishing you and your family the best 2010 has to offer!

an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

Love this post...and your word...strong, but then I alreay think of you as "strong." Not familiar with this "word of the year" concept but I like it...will have to think of one: maybe "Changes" or "Beginnings" for this new year in a new place.

We too, didn't get to see the ball drop. We thought we missed it, but there were 7 of us around the tv.

Sounds like you had a wonderful New Year's style, which is always the best. Unfortunately, the teenager didn't really want to "hang" with us this year, but I'm content...knowing that next year...he "might be back."

Wishing you a blessed New Year to you and your family.

Kerilou said...

Hoping for a better year here, for sure...We went to bed early...well, Peter and I went to bed a 8 and 9 pm, respectively. Cody stayed up by himself and kissed Brodie Blue at midnight...seriously! I have never been a big new year's person, at all!

Linda Beeson said...

Sorry about that flat tire - not a fun issue but it can get fixed! Thanks for visiting my blog - my camera is a Canon 50D. LOVE that thing.

Katrina said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words during the SB Blog hop....hope you join us!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I just love all your scrappin' stuff! Happy New Year! I also really like your new blog design. I hope this year is better for you. May you be truly blessed!

Anne said...

Hi, Andi! I'm so glad that 2010 started on a good note for you and yours and that you had a fun party with no tears! I am also finding I have lots of family photos to scrap and lots of hoarded stuff ... so, I've created a "Hoarder's Challenge" that runs through January 20th. Maybe you and Sami would like to give it a try? Wishing you and yours a fabulous, terrific, prosperous New Year! :-)