Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project 365 - The Random Approach - Day 11!

Day 11
Remains of the Day
(click on image to savor the full effect!)

Yesterday was a 'golden' photo opportunity.

Does this happen to anyone else out there in blogland? Please tell me I am not alone!

So there we were, my husband and I, cooking dinner.. The 'A' team. Clicking...

We decide we are going to broil our entree.

Problem was.. something was in the oven!


My husband freaked! I knew exactly what happened....

That morning, I made three eggs for breakfast.

Jake asked how many he should have. I said leave one for me and put it back in the oven.

As you can see, he put it back in the oven. On one of the 'kid proof' plates.

He knows better that this!
He blamed it on his dad. Apparently Dick told him to put the plate in the oven. So he did.

Anyway, it was pretty funny... I have several photos... inside of the oven - a blue blob.

And let me tell ya.. That plastic? Holy! It gets real real real hard after it cools! I can not get it off that rack!

Dick has to take a blow torch to it, outside, and let it melt over the snow...



Suzanne C said...

Totally have days like that! Olive Garden breadsticks don't heat up in the toaster oven too good.... Smoky and garlic breadstick slightly roasted.

Diana said...

Oh my gosh. That's a ding dong for sure. Thanks for sharing Andi!

Kelly Booth said...

OH No Andi....Not FUN! An elderly lady we know....dropped a plastic spatula in her oven and turned it on....Dale had to take her oven apart to get all the plastic out...it was a REAL Mess!!

Sue McGettigan said...

Heh heh, it reminds me of the dali clock picture, or the scream :) Modern art in your oven, you're an innovator Andi!

Julie said...

oh dear andi hope you managed to get the racks clean.

thanks for popping by my blog.