Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Excuse Me?? I thought it was a 'School Night!'

Woodstove Issues
Our woodstove decided to start 'leaking' stuff.
For some reason when it snowed/rained,
a slow drip would come down 20 foot long pipe
carrying black nasty stuff along with it.
And then a leak snuck out that metal plate, on the ceiling.
Black nasty crud. On a white surface.
Well, we have four days of snow and rain coming.
Which meant, more of these surprises.
So.. Today?
Clean the woodstove day!
(hopefully, we got the problem solved)

Ranch Log: Almost 6pm... Tuesday... Feb. 23d...

It's 36 degrees out, cold and windy, dark, and the wood stove just barely got cranked up (cleaned again today) and snow is on the way.

A nice yummy lamb stew is on the stove for tonight's dinner..

Sound cozy? It is, but after three days of sunshine I want more!!!!!!! Rats.. 4 days of winter are on the way... oh well...

Oh.. and get this...

For some reason the natives are partying.. Don't ask me why!

Sami has her playlist going.. Shania Twain with 'Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under' is blaring down there in the family zone.

And guess what? Dick and the kids are playing poker. Yep.

5 Card Draw.

I guess we can call it a lesson in math.. It is a school night after all!

Well.. to be honest.. the kids are recovering from colds (sick Fri, Sat, Sun, Monday).. Sami went to school today and Jake stayed home... he returns tomorrow... so, partying is a good sign - they are healthy again!

OH.. The Playlist changed to 'I'm Having a Party! A Party of Two'. Another Shania song!

Have a cozy night!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project 12 - January 2 Page Layout (Redo!)

The Project 12 January Sketch
Sketch by Becky Fleck
Project 12 is sponsored by
Scrapbook & Cards Today
and is the brainchild of
Devinie at My Little Piece of the Azure Sky

My Interpretation of the Sketch
(Click on photo to enlarge)
** I just couldn't do a winter scene! **

Bazzill Cardstock
Patterned Papers: Jenni Bowlin Studio, Jillibean Soup, Graphic 45
Die Cuts: Stampin' Up
Journal Cards: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Calendar Cards: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Rhinestone Buttons: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Linen Thread: Stampin' Up
Gems: Hero Arts
Prima Flower

Journaling Reads:
January 2010 was your month! Another year and look at you! Twelve? No way! This month you also got a special award. Student of the quarter for the entire Middle School! And, it was presented by a member of the House of Representatives. Very special. And, you insisted on making your own desert for one of your class fundraisers for a trip in may. You called them butterfly kisses. Happy Birthday! And many butterfly kisses to you!

As you can see, I did a 'do-over' on my layout for the January Project 12 Challenge, and I am so glad I did!

I was just plain irritated with myself that I left it for the last minute (even though I have known about it for ages, and that button over on the left sidebar says it's my 2010 New Years Resolution to do this!!!).

It was a good lesson on being better prepared for the next few months!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Project 12 - January Layout

Well, I am working under the gun! I procrastinated doing this layout until the very last minute! I'll have to find out more about when the clock actually stops... It's due on Feb. 20th, but I am not sure in which timezone!!!

Click on image to enlarge.

Sorry for the funky photo.. Like I said.. Under the gun...

And poor Sami is now in bed with a fever - coming down with a cold... RATS!

Cards for Kids - Round 2

There are some special young people and their families that could use some extra love and sweet greetings from any of you that are card makers.

Their siblings can also use some cards, these are the guys who often get 'lost' in the shuffle, as well as their parents, the ones trying to keep it all together - trying to attempt normal. They can all use some extra sunshine. Just to cheer them up, and let them know we are thinking of them and sending hugs, well wishes and a little extra burst of sunshine to brighten their day.

To learn more about them, and how you can join the generous community of ladies/men that are making the cards (simple and easy is good!) please go to Jennifer McGuire's site here: Cards for Kids

Tell her Andi sent you...

And, thank you Jennifer for including Karli!

Now, let's spread some sunshine!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Googling God - The Busted Halo

I am a Catholic - with a busted halo.

I am a Catholic who does not go to church, whose children are baptized but not confirmed, and a Catholic who prays daily. I tend to keep to myself. I talk to God by myself.

And, I have been pondering Lent.

And the answer came to me, via my friend Sue.

She had a great link to a great site. It's called Busted Halo. And boy - are they speaking my language!

This is what I will be doing during Lent. Visiting this site daily. And attempting to Fast, Pray, and Give during this Lenten Season.

Just thought I would chat about it!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! Project 365 Randomness

Happy Day of Kindness, Love and Sweet Things!

Just a few photos from the breakfast table before everyone sat down then went off in different directions! Sami's breakfast is actually in the fridge. She got up, left everything on the table , and went to help her dad feed. She doesn't like to miss out on the action!

Jake, he clipped his V. Day helium balloon to his hair and walked around like that for a while. Goofball.

Me? Things to do!

The Valentine's List
  • Crab is defrosting (purchased in Jan. from the Crab Man.. some guy who shows up annually with ice chests full of crabs, and other seafood from the coast
  • Rack of lamb also to defrost
  • Strawberries to dip in chocolate
  • Yet, got some household duties calling me!!!!

The Reality List
  • Discovered a leak under the laundry room sink - innocently went to get cleaning supplies from under the sink and saw the mess.. RATS. Cleared everything out. Need Mr. Plumber to come home and fix it...
  • Cant' stand the site of the dog kennels... Chatted with darling daughter about proper animal care a few days ago. But, I'm going to go out and do some cleaning!
  • Did Deliveries yesterday. Gotta enter data
  • Still in my jammies!
Gotta get moving!
Have a great day everyone:)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where Did I Stash the Valentine's Day Candy???

Jake's Valentine Notepads
Girls get the cute ones (embellished with felt goodies and ribbon)
Boys get the dinosaur or surfer ones (no hearts allowed! He covered up the cute cover).
Note: Boy child did not want any frills!
He is now,a full fledged man child.

Sami's Decorated Secret Lunch Box
So, we had to find a box (stashed Christmas Slippers box - check!)
Decorate it (My daughter's work - check check)
Make a fun nutritious lunch (hey, isn't that a oxy moron?)
I know.. I am such a cynic.

Mom's Lunch Idea:
I suggested cute egg salad sandwiches (farm fresh eggs!)
cut into heart shapes, accompanied with orange slices.
There was a slight meltdown.
We have whole grain wheat bread in our house.
You thought I had poked my daughter's eyes out
to even suggest that some 'normal' child that is raised on white starchy carbohydrates
would have to have a sandwich made with our bread! And oranges!
And apparently, no one else on the planet eats egg salad.
Daughter's Behind My Back Fixins:
The lunch was a peanut butter (organic) and jelly (organic) sandwich,
cut into hearts, and made with our yucky bread
and a banana.
No doubt the child who picks it will starve.
I threw in a cute embellished treat bag of M&M's.
THAT made the world right:)


Project 365 - Day 41
My work Area
My go to happy place


So.. Last night was February 10th... And the night 'we' had to get any school Valentine's Day projects done for today's festivities (my kids do not have school on Friday's).

So, here's how it all played out, again. Reminds me of Halloween!

5th Grade Teacher sent home list of kid names for school party. She get's an A+. This was done a week ago. I love organized teachers!

6th Grade Teacher sent home a paper YESTERDAY with child - (as in the day before the event!*) that had two things on it:
  • Instead of doing Valentine's, we will be having a Old Fashioned Box Lunch Party tomorrow (oh how fun!!!). Please have your child decorate a box, and bring a fun, nutritious lunch to school in the box. Also, the lunches will be auctioned off! The kids will be purchasing the decorated boxes with tokens. (Slight problem.. We live 17 miles from town, and child got home close to 5pm. WE had to wing it! No last minute shopping allowed!)
  • We will also be going to the Elk Feeding station. Have your child dress warm - we will be on a horse drawn sleigh for 2 hours. Umm.. It was snowing when we went to bed, and snowing when we woke. Ever notice how older kids do not like to bundle up? I mean, you just can't dress them anymore! My child did have snow shoes on when she left. I'll give her that. But, I'm probably up for another Mother of the Year - Don't you Know Jack award!
*Footnote: OK.. I love the 6th grade teacher and the activities she puts together.. But the DAY BEFORE??????? Now, maybe the note actually went home on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday. Tuesday was the day I took Sami to the dentist, and she never made it to school, and we were in town and could have shopped!!!! How I wish these teachers would just send an email note!

So.. Back to the title of this post. I know I bought some cute Valentine's Day candies! But where the heck did I stash them? I'm feeling an emergency chocolate fix!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

CPS Card Sketch - And Papertrey!

Hugs and Kisses With Felt!
PP: Pink Paislee
Ribbon: SU
Card Stock: Archiver's
Dimensional Embellishment: Making Memories
Felt: Making Memories (scallop) and Stampin Up (stitched felt)

The Card Positioning Systems Blog just put up the current sketch today.. and boy howdy are the entries coming in!

Papertrey Ink is the sponsor, and Papertrey has been celebrating their birthday all week with some amazing announcements... Today's? Wool Felt is on the Way!

So... Nicole's challenge for today, at the Papertrey Blog, was to enter the CPS sketch!

So I just had to. And of course, use felt:)

Thanks for looking!

Get Ready to Rumble!!!!

OK.. It's Kick Off Time! I gotta run but wanted to go on record saying

Go Saints!

Caardvark's Challenge - Wedding & CARDS

The Best Is Yet to Be

Stamps: Hero Arts CG129 Heart Frame
Stampin Up Sentiment Stamp
PP: Basic Grey (Eskimo Kisses Line!)
White CS, Vellum, Ribbon, Bordering Blue Ink: Stampin Up
Textured CS: Bazzill Basics
White embossing Powder
Metal Bride & Groom Champagne Flutes Charm


The challenge this round over at Caardvark's is to create a Wedding Card - doing your best work and taking a great photo. I'm afraid the photo part will sink me.. I still just have my itty bitty HP Photosmart R827 (7.2 megapixels, 3x optical zoom). It's a point and shoot number. I asked Santa for my dream camera.. but alas, I must have been dreaming!

See those little champagne flutes? They are engraved with bride and groom.. Alas, I zoomed in on them, and no luck getting the fine print.

Have you ever seen the CARDS magazine? Awesome photos! Awesome close-ups on some of the details..

A girl can dream...

Oh. And the winning card will get published in Scrapbook Trend's CARDS Magazine (Northridge Media).

I just had to play! sure there will be a bazillion entries - not only is CARDS one of the hottest magazines, the Caardvark's Challenges are a HOT site to play at!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Friday Shares - Boy Love

Jake and I - Hard At Work
The Baker City Farmers Market
Summer 2009
( I love looking at green grass and sunny days when it is white outside!)
Yep.. woke to more snow.

Me! This is One of My Ranch Jobs - April - October
It is my favorite, though.
I sell our meats at Farmers Markets!
Some Wednesdays, Ever Other Friday, All Saturdays
Tuesdays were my Chicken Run Tuesdays
You remember those, don't you?
Hit the road at 5:30 am with our live chickens?
Load them, unload them.

My Favorite Photo of the Season!!!!!!
Jake, 10 years old
August, 2009
And, me, his Mamacita - 47 years old.

The Manager from one of 'our' Farmers Markets, the Baker Market, just emailed these photos. I had to share them with you.

She gave a slide show at our Annual Membership Meeting..and these were all in the slide show. I just about cried when I saw the last one...

I love that sweet tender boy face...

And, for my favorite AA - Jake say's he is my 'sonny boy'... Not sure if that is how you spell it. He loved what you said about yours.. He picked up on that special bond...between a Mother and Son...

Oh my lucky lucky heart.

PS. Today is National Wear Red Day

And, I made this for breakfast! Egg production is peaking!

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness - A Few Love Notes

The week of February 15-21 is Random Acts of Kindness Week..

I've been thinking of some people that I want to send some lovin' too. So I'm building up a stash of goodies to sent out starting late next week:)

We haven't seen the sunshine over here at Casa de Sexton in quite some time. I've been in a slump. Snappy. Grumpy. Biting heads off. And, I catch myself just wanting to sleep away any free-time I have. No energy. Tired. Depressed? SAD?

Yet, when I think of the gifts others have given me, those sweetness's bring sunshine into my life - and quicken my step and give me a burst of energy.

I want to share that with someone else.

So.. I'm building up my stash...

For special deliveries!

(all stamps used are Hero Arts.)