Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 365 - Random Days/Week in the Life?

Project 365 Day 77 -Baby Goat - Car Shop Mascot
While I was waiting for my car to get serviced on Thursday,
this little bugger decided to visit me, the contents of my purse,
and the paper I was reading.
Yes. A goat. Inside the Shop Waiting Room.

Project 365 - Day 75 - All in a Days Work!
I love my job!
That's me, on the left, and having way too much fun!
The two ladies with me are co-chairs of UcFitKids
one is the director of the Commission on Children and Families
the other is the head researcher, PhD at OHSU, in LaGrande,
very important women in the 'kids health' arena.
We are reviewing survey instruments for our Farm 2 School program.
The gal behind the camera is my assistant/coworker!
PS. I was wearing all my St. Patty's green - a day early...
Just because I knew I would be stuck on the ranch on Wednesday!
(My socks have little bunnies on them!)

Day 72 - Morning Sun Through My Granny Glasses
I started wearing the chain on my glasses back in December
I got tired of sticking my glasses on my head!
This was a morning for last week's Delivery Day - My papework to the right

Day 72 - Old Wagon Wheel - Spring Snow
Out doing morning chores and catching the beautiful sun!

Day 72 - Steer Head
Decor on the back deck

Day 76 - Redneck Slippers
All of us need new slippers!
We have a 'no shoes allowed' in the house rule

Day 75 -Ranch 'Hot' Rods
A chevy that runs (the one that broke down on the way to Wy)
A Ford that doesn't (at the shop to get fixed)
Fladbed trailer (needed necessity)
Back Hoe in the Back (another needed necessity)

Just a few photos from a week in my life!
Have a great day!!


Virginia L. said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures! That goat is too cute to hang around the shop :

an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

Andi: Love the slipper photo..LOL! Great "day in photos" Who was on their way to Wyoming?

Elise said...

OMG! What great shots! I love these lil' snippets into YOU kind of ranch life - amazing and fun!