Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 365 - Day 79 - and Hitting the Road!

Day 79 - Favorite Things
Yesterday I left at 7am for Boise, ID
Did not return until 6pm
Met customers at noon
Had a meeting from 1pm until 4pm for the Capital City Public Market
During my lunch, these goodies were my indulgence!
Love sushi and great mags!

Recycling Fun Stuff
And see the cute green grass on the container?
I saved it.
I know it's going to end up on an Easter Card!!!


So, the bucket of bolts and I made it during the 300 mile round trip.
My car has 260,000 miles now... plus a few more.

(My car was in the shop Thurs and Fri - went in to be serviced, and was quoted 1,500 in work!)
HA! I chose not to do the work.. and it was misdiagnosed anyway. A water pump fix turned into a thermostat issue. WHATEVER!

Anyway, it was absolutely gorgeous in Boise yesterday!

And, today is Sunday...
In less than 2 hours the kids and I are hitting the roadster for a short trip.
Back Tues night.
Then I leave Wed through Sat for training....

Not sure when I'll be blogging again...

Most Likely -Going Unplugged!!!

Have a great week!


Virginia L. said...

It's funny how I would do the exact SAME thing as you did whilte traveling...order Sushi, getting a yummy magazine AND SAVE those grass-SO perfect for Easter card! What can I say? GREAT mind think alike :)

Karen said...

Yup, yup....great mags/eye candy & sushi make for a good combo!! And a crafter at heart saving that 'Easter grass'!! Have a safe & FUN time with your kidlets! :>

an east coast (soon to be western) family said...

Andi: Love the post! I love mags, the color, the ideas, the dreaming...Too funny about the grass: EVERYTHING has repurpose opportunties when one crafts!! Wow...and here I just posted about my very lazy, lazy week. You put me to shame!! Have a great week. Hugs

Lauren said...

Sounds like a fabulous lunch!!!

Love that you are saving the "grass!"

And I guess I can't whine about my 30 minute commute anymore, huh? ;)

DominoDebi said...

Andi, I love your life. I love that you live where a goat is walking around the waiting room. I love that you share your life with us!

Diana said...

Sushi is awesome. Thanks for sharing

Suzanne C said...

Keep safe on your roadtrips.

Elise said...

YOU and T!m Holtz are making me tired! hee hee You AMAZE {and delight} me, Andi! Be safe and HAVE FUN!

glitzen said...

That's my favorite sushi, California Roll, right? Never thought about saving the "grass"..hee hee, good idea.
Have a great road trip! We just returned from one. Must blog. :)

Kelly Booth said...

Great save on the grass Andi...Sushi for me not but I'll take a good mag any day!! Safe travels....