Sunday, April 25, 2010

Project 12 - March Photos and April Layout

Left Side of Layout
1. Sami, Jake, Uncle Frank, Marjorie at the Portland Zoo
2. Jake & Me at Multinomah Falls
3. Sami and Jake (he is hiding under the A frame) at the Community Pool in Portland
4. Jake & Sami at the falls

These photos are from our 'short' spring break to Portland to see my Uncle Frank and his sweet and talented wife Marjorie!
It was short, sweet and so fun!!!!
The kids loved the downstairs apartment.
They would love to visit lots and lots!!!

Right Side of 2 Page Layout
Photo 1: Me and my 'long lost' friend, Terri, in Portland
Photo 2: Sami and Jake enjoying a Sunday morning breakfast
and reading the paper!
Joy. Bliss. Love it when life is 'slow'!!!

The Two Pages Together

Above are the pages I completed for Project 12. A monthly sketch is provided, and this is about all I seem to be getting done 'creatively' these days!

Here is the journaling:

Highlights of March 2010 …

Weather: The mildest winter yet, but it dragged on. Snow. Melt. Repeat. Spring started teasing us toward the end. It was good to see the sun again!

Work: Big workshop March 5th for F2S. It Rocked!!! Greatest Day!! Gorgeous drive back to the ranch and my heart was full when I arrived home. Lucky girl.

Boatloads of oranges and lemons delivered from friends in CA.

Sami started her ‘secret garden. Called me at a 4-day training session (which cut our spring break short!! ARRRRR) with emergency questions. Where are the seeds? Where is the soil? Cuteness! Made my day. Met some amazing women, world travelers and workers. Slept in a sleeping bag 3 nights. Even danced one night! Old knees and stiff bones! Came home to a chalked sidewalk ‘Welcome Home Mom! And snuggles.

Spring Break: Quick trip to Portland, OR.. Lots of great adventures: Stayed w/ Uncle Frank, went to the Zoo and saw a swimming Polar Bear, Kids swam at a Community Center, hiked the Multnomah Falls, saw a long lost friend!

Sunday Breakfasts: Cozy. Lazy. The best.


Recap of What's been happening:
We wrangled chickens on Monday, and moved the 'renegades' on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday..well, you get the idea... Lots of escapees. They are 'mostly' now in a 'hot' fenced in field..and no longer in my yard!!! YEAH! I posted on the ranch blog. You can go see the photos and stories... In a nutshell, I got shocked about 5 times the first day, the kids got yelled at, and so did the dogs, all before 7 am, by Mr. Stressed Out who thought chicken wrangling was in our bag of tricks. Um.. No..

Tuesday I got to drive back and forth to Idaho, then speed like a demon to the school to pick up the 17 dozen tamales I had orders for!!! Thank you my peeps!!! Um.. the tamales were not ready.. Hello? Could ya call? Next day.. Wednesday.. I stayed home to write a grant for my other job.. Got a call when school was out. 'Mom, the tamales are here, where are you'? Good thing I was home! I tell ya. Communication.Communication.Communication. I love Sami's teacher but at times that lady is NOT organized. We often get the info too darn late!

Friday night was the School Carnival. It was fun fun fun!!! Sami worked hard, tryng to raise money for my birthday trip, I mean, her school science trip to the coast (tee hee!).. We both helped setup, and she manned a bowling booth. She really wanted to win some goldfish at another booth but by the time we were done with our jobs, the goldfish were gone! So, we played bingo and she came home with lots of loot!

Saturday: I cleaned the downstairs of this house - 4 hours worth!!! Still so much to do, but it was driving me crazy... Clutter. Yuck. And yes this was the highlight of my day! The kids and Dick tagged sheep - meaning, Dick sheared the 'birth area' of the ewes. Soon we will have baby lambs! (You know what that means, right? Bummers. Bottles. And frequent feedings!)

Today was our first day to use the outdoor BBQ. We grill indoors most of the time, but the outdoor grill was calling us to break it in for the season! And, since the deck is no longer a 'mine field', it was a nice treat.

Tomorrow I hit the road for work - just about every day I am in a different city, with meetings. I come home Thursday night, but turn around on Friday to go to another meeting (I should NOT have said yes!), then to Boise on Saturday! Oh my...

So.. hoping for some zen time in the hotels - and a hot bath or two.

Thank you for your patience as I build this blog up again. It's going to take some time getting all 'my friends' here. I am having to enter your emails one by one into the invite list, and it's time consuming!

So, I have setup a group in my email system to that I can email everyone when I have a new post.

Hassle hassle hassle!

But it will be worth it! I feel 'free' now to share photos, stories, and things in my heart without having to be too cautious. The above photos are an example. I did not want to share these earlier. And, now I can!!!


Tami B. said...

Hey Andi! Thanks so much for the invite. So happy to see you blogging again. Every time you write a what I've been doing post, I feel like a slug. You work so hard, but make it all so fun and interesting. Hope you get some girl time soon.

Suzanne C said...

Loved the scrapbooking and glad to see nothing has slowed down for you. HA! Busy busy as usual!

*karendianne. said...

Love the layout and the content! Happy stuff. Real happy stuff. My crack up moment during the visit: "all before 7 am, by Mr. Stressed Out who thought chicken wrangling was in our bag of tricks. Um.. No.."

Just made me giggly.

Oh and also, love the long lost friend, Terri. Friends are such treasures. Happy for you.

...and thanks for sharing Uncle Frank, Andi. He look ggggreat!

Sue McGettigan said...

Fun stuff Andi, at least you're so busy you can't get into any real trouble, except for chicken trouble that is ... :)

Elise said...

I'mmmmmmmmmmm BACK! WAhoooooo! Saweet ANDI! Thank you! This looks great! I love a good double paged layout, with FANTASTIC journaling, any day! This one rocks! Happy you are back up and RUNNING!

Guy Magallanes said...

What a great picture of Uncle Frank! What a great surprise! How wonderful getting to visit AND stay and see the koi pond and Marjorie's workshop et al! So Cool!