Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh my.. Whole Lots of Busy Going On!!

Hello dear friends and favorite family peeps!

Ah.. how I love being able to talk with just YOU!

No I did not fall off the face of the earth... it's May.. and this is the busiest time of our year on the ranch. We have baby lambs being born, markets to sell at, and the ranch is 'full speed ahead' (grass is growing, etc.)

For example, just this past week we have:

Celebrated Mother's Day
Sami and I left on Monday for 4 days to the coast - with the 6th grade class (insane time of year, but I refused to let either of us miss the trip! I could not let her go w/o a watchful eye - the teacher is one NOT in total control)
I purchased a special birthday gift for myself! New Camera! (Not an SLR, yet a great point and shoot!)
Saw my 48th birthday come and go on the 'down low' (spent with the 6th graders)
Pondered why some parents don't parent (6th graders)
Came home on Thursday night to 2 exhausted men/boys! They were sunburned, dusty, and worn out from helping the Shearing Crew (who travel on the road and shear flocks of sheep), Jake was pulled from school for 2 days to work.
Mowed the lawn for 1 hour - still have 4 to go!
Left for Boise yesterday morning - soaked up a beautiful day of sun and got back 12 hours later, and did chores - milk goat, feed 7 baby lambs, etc. etc. etc. Dropped into bed at 8pm.

And, tomorrow we have Jake's birthday.

I will share photos later! I have 122 shots from the coast trip. Lots of fun stuff!

Happy Sunday to you all!

Off to mow before the rains hit.


Sue McGettigan said...

Sounds like a blast Andi, isn't it amazing that the things we leave undone are still waiting for us when we return? That's life, have fun in the full bloom of spring :)

Karen said...

Wow....and I think its busy enough this month just trying to get through the end of the school year and Hubby's & wee girl's birthdays!! But, a whole lotta ranch activity on top of everything??!! ARE busy!!! Sending you energy vibes! :>

Karen said...

ACK! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Enjoy your new camera! I've had one on a wish list for awhile now.....ahhhh someday. :>:>