Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Daily - Day 1 & Tim Holtz 12 Tags

Day 1 (Click on Image to Enlarge!)

 Hello friends!
I am now going to share with you my December Daily Album!  Not sure if I will share one page a day, or several.  Today, I am just sharing one.
The photos on the left are of a gift 'a salt box' one of my sweet customers gave me for Christmas.  She got it in Bali, while away on a 2-year detail in Singapore.  She is one of my Boise Customers, Thank you, Elaine!.  On the right, you can barely see the title 'First Gift' - in white flocked alphas from Prima.  Yummmm!

And, these pages have absolutely nothing to do with the 'diary' post below!  But, I wanted to capture my first gift in the album:)


Below are the actual blog notes I wrote on December 1st.

December 1st -  Daily Diary
I'm just writing thoughts right now!  Capturing some ideas...

Approach to December Daily:  Ali Edwards - December Daily Dec. 1
Just one story a day!  Love it...

So.. which story????
Today is December first... And it came with a BANG!  At 6am we got the 'all call' phone call from school.  School is delayed for 2 hours due to last night's huge honking snow storm.  The kids were released early yesterday, but did not get home until late.  Bad roads.  I had breakfast ready at 5:45am. Oatmeal with raisins and cranberries, and sliced apples on the side.  The kids opted to sleep in an extra hour.

My morning?  Up at 4:00 am.  Started a fire in the woodstove, made coffee, cooked breakfast.  The usual.

Then caught Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas - Day 1!  Giddy... I just love sneaking up to the computer once all my indoor chores are done, with my first cup of coffee (today I put Eggnog in!) and seeing what Tim has to share!  (Note:  later I found out I was a winner from Tim's day 1 comments!)...

Fa la la la la!

Note: Tim's Tag: I want to put a scene behind the house windows... a peek at Christmas! 

Outdoor chores:  Phew.. boatloads of snow.  I sweated when hauling water to the chickens.  Shoveled snow out front.  Man, I am out of shape!

Lunch with Ann Louden - she is leaving for 6 weeks to take care of a friend who had a lung transplant. Ann is an Angel.  Talk about giving of one self.

today was 'Cut and color' day.  My hair.


Karen said...

Hi Andi!

Don't know why you weren't there are one of my first message board & then blogging peeps that I knew I just had to 'meet', but I added you to my blog roll (again, feel free to smack me on the head....I know I did! :>) and gotta say, I loved seeing your post come up earlier (though, this was the first chance I've had to hop should be getting up in two hours, right?;>:>)!!

LOVE, love, LOVE that you were blogging your journal notes for December Dailies all along!!!! I think I will keep that in mind for next year, as I'm determined to hop onto that fun & practical scrappy train.

And thanks for the heads up about the flocked 'First'....I saw it after you mentioned it and now I'm wanting to reach through my monitor and touch that fuzzy layout o' yours! And that salt box most definitely has me smling!!

Okay....gotta head to Dad will be back tomorrow morning (haven't seen him in five years and its a great visit...just wish it wasn't so short!) and I'll need some sleep to clean up from tonight in the morning!

Sweet dreams!!


Suzanne C said...

i saw you were a winner! Yeah! Do tell what you received! Your days are always so full!